Run Your Business on the Most Secure Operating System for UNIX-on-Intel

Businesses are built on reliability and stability. Many businesses rely on SCO’s UNIX platform to provide the high-level of security needed in a demanding, fast transaction business. Businesses need systems that are always up and always responsive, and they demand a level of security able to meet customer demands. SCO OpenServer 6 includes new features and improvements that make it the most dependable UNIX-on-Intel platform available on the market.

Key Security Features

  • IPsec. Encrypts all TCP/IP packets for security, and implements Virtual Private Network (VPN) functionality.
  • OpenSSH and OpenSSL. These network protocols allow for logging into and executing commands on a remote computer. They provide secure encrypted communications between two untrusted hosts over an insecure network.
  • Ipfilter for Firewall and NAT Functionality. Ipfilter technology allows OpenServer 6 to be configured as a firewall.
  • Kernel Privileges. The SVR5 kernel provides a fine-grain privilege mechanism. Using fine-grain privileges, the system can grant a subset of root powers to binaries, allowing them to achieve specific objectives without exposing the system to potential abuse/exploits.
  • Auditing of Events. Auditing enables the system administrator to record system events in a log and play back the audit trail to determine who did what and when.
  • Supports NFS v3 with TCP. Network File System (NFS) is an industry standard protocol for sharing files across networks. NFS v3 adds support for large files and NFS over the TCP protocol.
  • Encrypted File System and Archives. This file system encrypts data stored on the disk. The data can then be de-crypted using private keys.
  • Emergency Recovery CD-R/RW Media Support. Emergency recovery enables the system administrator to create bootable CD-R/RW media for disaster recovery.


SCO OpenServer Release 6 is a significant improvement in UNIX technology. Purchase SCO OpenServer 6 today. Discover the productivity, security, agility and return on your investment for yourself.