OpenServer 6 Maintenance Pack 4
  Product Announcement

OpenServer 6 Maintenance Pack 4

Product Description

Maintenance Pack 4 is contained in two CD images and represents the latest maintenance update for OpenServer 6. This maintenance offering includes the Apache 2 Web Server which may be used along with the existing Apache 1, the Mozilla Firefox web browser and Thunderbird Mailer as well as an upgrade for PostgreSQL. It also contains a large number of maintenance updates, updated versions of many open source components including Samba and CUPS as well as the integration of most recent web postings. MP4 has been through a thorough Beta and EAP testing process with the help of members of iXorg.

This Maintenance Pack should be applied by all OpenServer 6 customers at their next opportunity.

The separately installable Russian Language Supplement for MP4 is also being web posted simultaneously with MP4.


Current OpenServer 6 customers can download the OpenServer 6 Maintenance Pack 4 CD images immediately at no charge. The CD images along with a detailed description of their content and installation instructions can be found on the Xinuos Download site at:

It may also be obtained from Xinuos’s FTP site at:

Customers are advised to read the installation instructions first since MP4 is not removable.

The Russian Language Supplement for MP4 may be obtained at:

It may also be obtained from Xinuos’s FTP site at:

OpenServer 6 Media Kits will be updated with copies of the Maintenance Pack 4 CDs. Availability of the new CDs in OpenServer 6 Media Kits is expected by the first week of March.


Maintenance Pack 4 is cumulative with Maintenance Packs 1, 2 and 3 and supersedes them. It is compatible with the prior packs, and may be installed on top of any prior MP. Prior installed MPs must not be removed. A selection of the components in Maintenance Pack 4 is as follows:

Maintenance Pack 4 CD1

  • Basic Maintenance including the latest security updates
  • Apache 2 Web Server 2.2.6
  • modperl2 V2.0.3
  • Apache1 Web Server 1.3.37
  • modperl 1 V1.30.0
  • PostgreSQL 8.2.9
  • Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
  • Samba File and Print Server 3.0.30
  • CUPS 1.3.9
  • Java 2 SE 1.4.2_19
  • ESP Ghostscript 8.6.2
  • Heimdal Kerberos 5 V1.2
  • Updated Drivers

Maintenance Pack 4 CD2

  • Java 2 SE 5.0_17
  • KDE 3.5.9
  • KDE I18N Language Support 3.5.9
  • Mozilla Thunderbird Mail/News
  • Squid 2.7.3
  • MPlayer Supplement

For a complete detailed list of the contents of Maintenance Pack 4 see the Release Notes which also contain detailed installation instructions. All OpenServer 6 customers are strongly advised to install Maintenance Pack 4 at their next maintenance interval.