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OpenServer 6 Implementation Services

OpenServer™ Release 6 is an impressive new operating system for low-cost, commodity hardware that features large file support and support for a broad array of modern applications. With a decade of rock-solid stability and dependability, OpenServer has stood the test of time for small and large businesses needing an affordable all-in-one server.

Xinuos Professional Services is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the OpenServer 6 Implementation Services. These services are designed to take the guesswork out of determining the exact requirements for your organization to upgrade from a previous version of OpenServer, or to migrate from any other Operating System platform to OpenServer 6

Xinuos Professional Services, with years of experience in the migration, replication, and deployment of UNIX Operating Systems, offers a very comprehensive set of migration services designed to ensure a smooth transition to OpenServer 6.

Assessment Service

Whether you are migrating to a completely new operating system or upgrading point releases, ensuring that your critical data is preserved and your applications function properly is our number one priority.

Our consultants will thoroughly examine your current hardware and software infrastructure to assess your readiness to move to OpenServer 6. Whether you are currently on a prior OpenServer version or coming from a completely different platform, our consultants have the expertise to assist in a worry-free transition.

Specific items investigated will include:

Hardware environment

  • Software/Application environment
  • User accounts and data
  • Printing requirements
  • System load
  • Security and authentication
  • Data Storage
  • Networking

Porting Service

Introducing a new platform often means porting your custom software to ensure that it functions properly in your new environment. Xinuos Professional Services is uniquely qualified to get your application up and running on OpenServer 6. Our intimate knowledge of the Operating System and wealth of application software experience with both in-house and 3 rd party applications sets us apart as the #1 choice for your development needs. Whether your porting job consists of a few small shell scripts or a large database, our engineers are ready to help build your software future.


Analyze your current environment and all pertinent aspects of your application(s).

  • Make all the necessary code changes to your application/libraries.
  • Work with 3 rd party application vendors (if necessary).
  • Re-compile your application on OpenServer 6.
  • Test the new application.
  • Assist in deployment of your updated programs.

Deployment Service

Rolling out a new Operating System into your environment could not be any easier when you engage Xinuos Professional Services. Whether you are deploying a couple of systems or a couple of thousand systems, our experience and expertise with deployment and replication tools can help to make this a worry-free transition. Your servers are your livelihood and excessive downtime is not an option. Our engineers have the expertise to troubleshoot any problems that may arise during the deployment and get your new systems up quickly and functioning properly.


Install OpenServer 6 on your hardware.

  • Configure the kernel appropriately for your environment.
  • Customize your storage layout.
  • Set up your network and networking services as appropriate.
  • Configure printing
  • Configuration of clients.
  • Migration of your user accounts and application data.
  • Ensure proper system security is in place.

 Training Services

The key to long-term success in a new Operating System environment is knowledge. Your IT staff must be able to perform routine maintenance, troubleshoot problems, and create new administrative functionality in order to keep the system in proper working order. Xinuos Professional Services has the knowledge and expertise to get your IT staff up to speed on OpenServer 6. Our engineers will tailor a curriculum program that uniquely fits your staff’s experience level and your environment to ensure that your IT department is ready to administer your new system(s).


Instructor led interactive sessions.

  • Easy to follow student guides.
  • Customized education materials.
  • Comprehensive reference documentation.
  • Onsite or web-based training available.

OpenServer 6 Implementation Services can be purchased as a packaged solution, or you can pick and choose the services that you need.


Part Number Description
XX000-XX04 OpenServer 6 Implementation Services Package
TA200-6001 OpenServer 6 Administration Guide I ISO Image, CD & Manual
TA200-6002 OpenServer 6 Administration Guide II ISO Image, CD & Manual
TA200-6003 OpenServer 6 Networking Guide ISO Image, CD & Manual
TA200-61CD OpenServer 6 Administration Guide I ISO Image & CD
TA200-62CD OpenServer 6 Administration Guide II ISO Image & CD
TA200-63CD OpenServer 6 Networking Guide ISO Image & CD

Support Services

 In addition, the following post deployment support services are also available:

EW000-EU00 TEAM Support Services

EVP00-0000 SoftTech Plus support for current products

EV100-0000 Server100 OpenServer support for current Product

Please visit: for a full description of these support services.

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