SCO OpenServer Release 6 Quick Start Guide

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SCO® OpenServer® Release 6.0 is an impressive new operating system for low-cost, commodity hardware that features large file support and support for a broad array of modern applications. With a decade of rock-solid stability and dependability, SCO OpenServer has stood the test of time for small and large businesses needing an affordable all-in-one server.



SCO OpenServer 6 brings to users a powerful, new, and modern operating system with large file support and kernel-level threading for greater application support. With speed and performance improvements due to the integration of the SVR5 kernel, SCO OpenServer 6 establishes a new standard for rock-solid stability and dependability. With increased memory and file size support, security enhancements, backward compatibility, support for Apache, Java® and Mozilla, SCO OpenServer 6 is pure power and reliability.

SCO OpenServer 6 includes application support for powerful SCO UnixWare® applications, and provides the easy-to-use KDE® graphical interface.

SCO OpenServer has stood the test of time for small to large businesses needing an affordable all-in-one server. It’s the kind of advantage you expect from SCO, the supplier of the world's most popular UNIX® operating system for low-cost hardware.

OpenServer 6 New and Improved

With the release of SCO OpenServer 6, product reliability and stability continue. The greatest improvements include multi-threaded application support, large file support (up to 1 terabyte), and a modern look and feel. With the inclusion of the SVR5 technology, the new version has significant speed improvements.

Key improvements include:

  • Larger file support up to 1 TB
  • Multiprocessor support increased from 4 to 32 processors
  • Increased memory support — up to 64 GB
  • Extending the power of UnixWare into OpenServer 6
  • Single certification for OpenServer and UnixWare
  • Dramatic performance improvement

Why Upgrade to OpenServer 6

OpenServer 6 is specifically targeted at SCO’s existing OpenServer channel and customer base. Key to this focus is the upgradeability to this new release. Key reasons for existing OpenServer or UnixWare customers to upgrade include:

  • Large file support (up to 1 terabyte) and kernel-level threading via a new SVR5 kernel enables OpenServer customers to take advantage of more modern and a wider variety of applications including thousands of applications written for UNIX, Java, PostgreSQL, mySQL, KDE, and Web Services as well as UnixWare 7.1.4 applications.
  • Multi-processor support increases from 4 to 32 processors and increased memory support increases to 64GB thus enabling customers to take advantage of cutting edge hardware.
  • OpenServer pricing and licensing changes provide customers twice the number of users, four times the number of CPU’s and 4GB memory support for the same price as OpenServer 5.0.7.
  • Single certification for both OpenServer 6.x and UnixWare 7.1.x applications gives ISVs/IHVs and VSPs exposure to a broader SCO UNIX customer base.
  • Integrates new applications including Apache 1.3, MySQL, and Samba
  • Good product margin for partners with excellent upgrade opportunities with established customer base
  • Optional support and product bundles offer greater margins for channel. Support delivered to partners and/or end users as dictated by the partners.

Competitive Advantages

Reliability continues to be the most important SCO OpenServer 6 differentiator. OpenServer is known for its phenomenal stability and quality. IDC survey of 1000 IT professionals found UNIX to be superior to Linux in multiprocessing, integration, security, and skills availability. Overall UNIX was more likely to meet expectations for features, overall performance and manageability. Additional competitive advantages include low TCO, established reseller relationships, and a profitable reseller business model.

SCO offers a wide range of global services to meet partners' and end-users' business requirements. Customized and a-la-carte options are available for SCO customers, allowing optimal returns on their investment

OpenServer Customers

SCO OpenServer 6 has been designed to meet many customer demands.

Specific Problems

  • Need larger file size support for modern applications
  • Need higher multi-processor support
  • Need compatibility between OpenServer and UnixWare applications
    • Both for ISV certification and end-user customer who wants to use UW apps on OpenServer
  • Need improved performance for increasingly complex business needs
  • Need legacy support for older application versions
  • Need larger memory support
  • Need support for Java
  • Increased security enhancements
  • Support for Mozilla
  • Need KDE graphical desktop for updated look and feel
  • Support for Samba and Apache
  • Cannot share printers, faxes, and data for internal collaboration
  • Have lost data stored on a computer
  • Wasting or losing time running on slow, legacy hardware
General Problems
  • Need a reliable, low cost, multi-function infrastructure server (for example: file/print sharing, routing, firewall, web, intranet, Internet access)
  • Need for application serving (for example: accounting, data backup, database)
  • Limited office space (for example, a local McDonald’s franchise doesn’t have much space under a counter)

SCO OpenServer 6 — Built on Four Key Cornerstones


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