Businesses today need instant information on new, mobile devices and clients. Stronger business collaboration tools enable business managers to make more intelligent decisions at a faster pace. With the increasingly mobile nature of business, strong server support is necessary to serve up instant information to a mobile workforce.

OpenServer 6 connects clients like PDAs, smart-phones and other handhelds to the corporate backbone. It also provides support for provisioning and deploying applications on mobile devices. OpenServer 6 includes security management tools for wireless device connectivity and allows system administrators to monitor the health of their systems and mission critical applications while on the move.

Key Agility Features

  • Centrino™ Wireless Technology. Centrino is an Intel wireless technology standard supported by SCO. With this new technology included in OpenServer 6, laptops now have fully integrated wireless LAN capability without the need of a wireless plug-in card for excellent mobile performance.
  • PRISM Technology. A wireless hardware chipset standard supported by SCO. OpenServer 6 supports a myriad of wireless devices that are PRISM based enabling more wireless networking capabilities.
  • Apache version 1.3. OpenServer 6 includes the popular open source Apache Web server.
  • Mozilla 1.7 and Java Plug-ins. Release 6 includes the 1.7 release of the popular Mozilla internet browser.
  • KDE Desktop. For those customers interested in a new, graphical interface with OpenServer 6, KDE has been included.
  • Tomcat. Tomcat enables OpenServer 6 to run and display Java applets. Tomcat is an open source implementation of JavaServer Pages and Java Servlets. JSP and Java Servlets are the Web presentation layer in Java 2.
  • SCO File and Print Server with Samba 3.0.13. Samba provides file and print interoperability services between UNIX and Windows clients.
  • MySQL Database. UNIX customers are ever increasingly looking for database alternatives. MySQL, a good, and cost-effective alternative to other popular databases is included with OpenServer 6.
  • Postgresql Database. Postgresql is also included for customers looking for alternative database solutions with SCO UNIX.
  • Supports Virtualization Languages - PHP and Perl. OpenServer 6 includes popular development tools perl and PHP for rapid application development..


SCO OpenServer Release 6 is a significant improvement in UNIX technology. Purchase SCO OpenServer 6 today. Discover the productivity, security, agility and return on your investment for yourself.