OpenServer 6


Application Platforms Native To OpenServer 6

OpenServer 6 bundles a variety of ready-made applications platforms with the award-winning enterprise-strength UnixWare's SVR5 kernel. Each application platform is tuned to optimal performance by SCO Admin.

These application solutions can be configured “out of the box” with the OpenServer 6 application platform. Specific configuration considerations for end-users can best be made by consulting with one of the thousands of qualified reseller partners located in 82 countries. To find Xinuos near you, click

Database Server Solutions Platform.

A database server allows two or more computers, acting as clients, to access a common database, thereby ensuring data integrity to all users in an environment where low maintenance costs are essential. OpenServer 6 provides a complete solution with these components:

  • PostgreSQL
  • SCO Admin
  • OpenServer

Network Server Solutions Platform.

A network server connects two or more computer systems together. The network server provides common services to all users, often combining several servers in a single computer system to provide file and printer sharing (file and print server), access to a common database (database server), email (mail server), and other services. OpenServer 6 provides a complete solution with these components:

  • DHCP
  • Remote Login
  • DNS
  • SCO Admin
  • Mail

Security Solutions Platform.

Computer users are more mindful of data theft than ever before. Computer systems must be protected against unauthorized access, data theft, and data corruption. OpenServer 6 provides data encryption and access to data only by multiple layers of access authorization. OpenServer 6 provides a complete solution with these components:

  • SSL
  • VPN
  • Encrypted File Systems
  • SLP
  • Firewall / NAT
  • SSH
  • SCO Admin

Web Server Solutions Platform.

A Web server is a computer that serves or delivers Web pages to a client. Customers wanting to host their own Websites will need a Web server solution platform. OpenServer 6 is the ideal candidate for all your Web hosting needs. OpenServer 6 provides a complete solution with these components:

  • PHP
  • Squid
  • JBoss
  • Python
  • Apache
  • Web Services
  • Perl
  • Tomcat
  • SCO Admin

File & Print Server Solutions Platform.

A file and print server provides common file sharing to two or more computer systems. When looking for a file and print server, consider the stability, security, and reliability of OpenServer 6. OpenServer 6 provides a complete solution with these components:

  • CUPS
  • SCO Admin

Developer Solutions Platform.

Computer users who are developing their own applications will value the stability, reliability, and performance of OpenServer 6. Availability of industry-standard tools for open, cross-platform application development is a hallmark of Xinuos's UNIX solutions. OpenServer 6 provides a complete solution with these components:

  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Memory Leak Detection
  • Graphical Debugger
  • SCO Admin

Desktop Solutions Platform.

Some business computer users prefer the speed and the effectiveness of the command line interface, the traditional administrative interface for UNIX. But more and more administrators are preferring a windowed, graphical interface. OpenServer 6 lets you decide which is best for your business environment by incorporating all the necessary components of a desktop solutions platform into OpenServer.

  • KDE
  • Audio
  • Mozilla
  • SCO Admin


Many third-party application partners also provide solutions platforms with OpenServer, including the following.

Database Solutions Platform

  • CA Ingres
  • Progress OpenEdge
  • MySQL
  • Unify DataServer
  • Unify Accell/SQL
  • Unify DataServer ELS

Developer Solutions Platform

  • Microfocus Server Express
  • Basis International Basis BBX
  • ThoroughBred Basic
  • Tridia DV Pro

Backup & Security Solutions Platform

  • Backup & Security Solutions
  • Backbone Netvault
  • Cactus Lone-Tar
  • Microlite BackupEdge
Data Availability Solutions Platform
  • Willow Technology WebSphereMQ

Financial Solutions Platform

  • CCS Financial Services
  • Accucobol
  • Microfocus Cobol
  • OpenSystems Accounting

Web Application and Data Server (Gateway Server) Solutions Platform

  • Ericom PowerTerm Webconnect

Terminal Emulation Solutions Platform

  • FaceTerm

We invite you to contact these vendors for information about building application platforms with OpenServer 6. For more information about additional application platforms, email Xinuos at