SCO OpenServer Release 6 Technical White Paper - Part 2

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The SCO Story

The SCO Group, Inc. is the leading provider of UNIX business solutions, providing scalability from the thin client to the data center.

Today, there are many different operating system platforms, each with particular strengths and weaknesses. While this allows the integrator or user to adopt, adapt, and tune the environment best suited for the business requirement, it presents an unacceptable burden for ISVs who must port, certify and support their solutions on a large number of platforms. Increasingly, ISVs are restricting the number of operating systems they support, thereby limiting the choice and flexibility of the integrators and the users.

SCO products are designed from the ground up to be easy to install, deploy, and maintain. This is particularly useful for customers or partners who intend to use these products in replicated site environments. Special attention has been given to producing products that can be installed out of the box with minimum hassle. We offer replication kits and services for all of our operating system products. Both character and award-winning graphical administration tools allow our systems to be managed from a variety of clients.

SCO products provide the highest levels of uptime. The entire product line is subjected to a strict Quality Assurance process that is built into the engineering process from start to finish. The result is a product line that provides unparalleled levels of availability and reliability.

Diversity and support for open standards is another hallmark of the SCO product line. Our products have evolved around an open standards model from the moment of conception. The UNIX operating system is the most open, standards-conforming platform available. From Directory Services to Java™ to the Apache web server, SCO solutions incorporate standards that are universally employed across the industry. Our solutions support diversity rather than vendor lock-in and inter-operate well in the diversity of architectures that typifies most organizations.

SCO understands that some of our customers and partners tend to deploy a particular release of our product over a cycle that can last several years. This is typically done when a VAR or systems integrator creates a turnkey solution that is proven and well tested. To help support these types of deployments, SCO provides a full range of technical and professional support services for older products. In addition, new drivers and bug fixes are released not only for our newest products, but also for our products that have been deployed in the field for some time.

SCO support centers are located in North America and Europe, and are staffed by highly skilled technical support engineers. SCO Global Support offers 24x7 enterprise and local language support with a broad portfolio of options customized to meet the needs of partners and end users.

In summary, SCO offers scalable and reliable solutions that are easy to install, deploy, maintain, and support.

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