SCO OpenServer Release 6 Technical White Paper - Part 1

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Introducing SCO OpenServer Release 6

SCO OpenServer Release 6 represents the start of a new era for UNIX® systems. UNIX has proven itself as an Internet server standard, delivering the open infrastructure that has helped to make the Internet pervasive. The UNIX operating system is a mature, reliable, scalable, high performance platform for running business critical applications.

SCO has enhanced the SCO OpenServer Release 5 product by incorporating the UnixWare 7 kernel. The rock solid reliability of OpenServer has been combined with the high availability, scalability, and performance of UnixWare to create a single platform that leverages the performance and cost-effectiveness of Intel industry standard hardware.

In addition, our longstanding commitment to backward compatibility means that legacy binaries from XENIX 386, SCO OpenServer 5 (and SCO UNIX and Open Desktop), and UnixWare will run without modification on SCO OpenServer Release 6.

This white paper inventories the rich technical feature set that is included in SCO OpenServer Release 6.

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