SCO OpenServer Release 6 Sales Guide

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Sample Configurations

Goal Customer wants to setup a new File and Print Server
SCO Product OpenServer 6 Starter Edition with Samba 3.0.13 included
SCO Model Number LA250-UX00W-6.0
Benefit Latest Samba version for reliable file and print sharing supplied and supported from SCO on the reliable OpenServer operating system


Goal Customer wants to use wireless LAN and latest graphic card support on his OpenServer 5.0.7 desktop installation on laptops
SCO Product Upgrade 5.0.7 Desktop to OpenServer 6 Starter
SCO Model Number LX250-2200W-6.0

Results in 2 user license instead of single user and can be expanded on demand by buying additional Starter Edition user bumps

Upcoming port of OpenOffice to OpenServer 6 will provide a complete Officesuite as well. Latest Xorg Xserver provides best graphic support.


Goal Customer wants to add TCP networking to his 5.0.6 Host System. Needs only a single user but requires networking
SCO Product Upgrade 5.0.6 HOST to OpenServer 6 Starter
SCO Model Number LX250-2401W-6.0
Benefit Complete networking included, two users, expandable on demand by Starter Edition user bumps. Much better performance based on new SVR5 kernel technology


Goal Customer wants to get better performance and support for either mysql or postgresql for an application server running OpenServer 5.0.5 Enterprise with 25 users
SCO Product Trade-in 5.0.5 Enterprise to OpenServer 6 Enterprise and Trade-In for his 2 times 10 additional user licenses
SCO Model Numbers LX260-UX00W-6.0 and 2 x LX213-0010W-6.0
Benefit Results in 30 users instead of 25 and supports up to 4 processors instead of a single processor


Goal Hardware upgrade from single CPU System with OpenServer 5.0.7 to a new four-way system.
SCO Product Upgrade 5.0.7 Enterprise to OpenServer 6 Enterprise
SCO Model Number LX260-2600W-6.0
Benefit No need to buy additional CPU licenses – get support for 5 more users and all four CPUs with a single upgrade license

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