SCO OpenServer Release 6 Sales Guide

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OpenServer 6 Starter Edition

With OpenServer 6, SCO is introducing a new low entry level edition to the OpenServer family replacing the Host and Desktop Editions. The new Starter Edition is configured and priced for customers that need a full-featured, low cost server platform for supporting edge of network services, such as a file and print server or to run a small business environment.

  • The Starter Edition contains all of the same performance, reliability, and scalability features that you have come to expect from OpenServer, but is packaged with a two user license, and support for a single processor and 1 GB of memory, all at a new low price.
  • The new Starter Edition can be expanded as customer needs grow. Additional users, memory and CPUs can be added to the Starter Edition! (this is different to the former Desktop license)
  • The additional user licenses for the Starter Edition are different from those for the OpenServer 6 Enterprise Edition.

OpenServer 6 Enterprise Edition

  • SCO has revised the default configurations of the Enterprise Edition to provide more value along with the major new features contained in this latest OpenServer release.
  • The Enterprise Edition now ships with 10 user licenses and support for 4 physical processors enabled. It is licensed to support 4GB of RAM.
  • Additional user, CPU, and memory licenses can be added on demand.

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