SCO OpenServer Release 6 Sales Guide

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OpenServer 6 Target Users

Primary Target — Small business – SCO’s current volume and future volume opportunity is in small businesses with 5-99 employees. An estimated 44% of SCO’s revenue is from small businesses. SCO also targets medium and large businesses, but the primary audience is the small business user. While the ultimate end user may be the SMB, SCO primarily focuses on channel partners who serve the SMB market.

Secondary Target — Channel Partners – SCO must leverage the channel partner in order to reach its customer base. Marketing will primarily be focused on educating and motivating the channel as well as providing them with the key marketing materials to target upgrading of their SCO customer base.

Secondary Target — VSPs & IHVs/ISVs - An operating system is only as successful as the applications and hardware certified to run on it. To that end, key motivators will be identified to encourage porting and certification of applications and hardware to support OpenServer 6.

Target Decision Makers

The following are the typical decision makers for purchasing SCO products:

Solution Providers (e.g., resellers, partners)

  • IT managers (may also be outsourced to a solution provider)
  • Small business owners
  • CTO’s – medium to large businesses

Target Channels

  1. SCO vertical solution providers who integrate their hardware and software solutions with OpenServer and sell the combined solution to vertical customers
  2. SCO resellers who provide solutions to branch offices and small-to-medium businesses
  3. SCO major accounts who use OpenServer in branch offices and as departmental servers

Target Channel Profile

Primary Channels

  • SCO resellers who provide solutions to small and medium businesses.
  • SCO vertical solution providers who integrate mail and collaboration tools into their solution.

Secondary Channels

  • SCO Major Accounts and Branch Offices

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