SCO OpenServer Release 6 Sales Guide

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Media Kit Contents

The OpenServer 6 product is available in both the Standard Media Kit and the Compact Media Kit. Both Media Kits include the core set of OpenServer 6 software on a set of twoCD-ROMs:

  • Base Operating System Installation CD and
  • Optional Services CD

Diskettes are no longer provided in the Media Kit since the Installation CD may be used for installing HBA images directly and diskette images are also provided for customers who need to create them.

In addition to the core set of CD-ROMs, the Standard Media Kit also includes a copy of the new Getting Started Guide which has been fully revised for OpenServer 6.

The Compact Media Kit includes only the two core CD-ROMs for OpenServer 6 and is designed to offer a lower cost alternative to the Standard Media Kit.

The Compact Media Kit should be considered as an alternative to the Standard Media Kit for Media replacement, low cost promotions and evaluations and for users who do not need hard-copy documentation.

OpenServer 6 Base Operating System Installation CD-1
(Both Media Kits)

OpenServer 6 Operating System

Documentation Set

Samba 3, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, jdk

Images for creating boot, network install and HBA diskettes

Embedded HBA Installation CD

OpenServer 6 Development Kit

/info Files


OpenServer 6 Optional Services CD-ROM
(Both Media Kits)

Squid Web Proxy Cache 2.5.STABLE9 (ver 2.5.9Mc)

Apache Tomcat Servlet Container (ver 4.1.31Jc)

System Certification Tests (ver 9.0.0f)

*SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0 French Language Support

*SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0 German Language Support

Localized documentation (German and French)*

Ericom PowerTerm™ WebConnect Server (ver 5.1.2Aa)

/info Files


Hardcopy Documentation
(Standard Media Kit only)

OpenServer 6 Getting Started Guide (Includes Installation Roadmap)

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