Hardware Developers Kit: Device Driver Test Suites

This Hardware Developers Kit (HDK) web page provides installable packages containing test tools for various device driver types. This page also provides general device driver and system test tools for OpenServer and UnixWare. Most test suite packages also contain source code for the tests.

Install packages ending with a ".pkg" suffix using pkgadd(1) on OpenServer 6 and UnixWare 7, or pkgadd(ADM) on OpenServer 5. Unwind archives ending with a ".tar" suffix using tar(C) on OpenServer 5. Download the image and burn a CD for filenames ending in a ".iso" suffix. Then follow the install instructions in the test suite README file.

README View information about a test suite package.
Download Download a test suite package.
Archive Examine older versions of a test suite package in the archive.

Test Suite OpenServer 6 &
UnixWare 7.1.3/7.1.4
OpenServer 5.0.6/5.0.7
System certification tests
sct.tar (v. 9.0.0g)
(OpenServer 6
custom format)
Download Archive  
(size 0.6 MB)

sct.pkg (v. 9.0.0g)
(UnixWare 7/OpenServer 6
pkgadd format)
Download Archive  
(size 1.5 MB)
sct.tar (v. 9.0.0g)
Download Archive  
(size 1.2 MB)
Host Bus Adapter (HBA) test and certification suites
hbacert.iso (v. 7.1.4)
Download Archive  
(size 39.5 MB)
05hbacert.pkg (v. 7.1.0)
README Download Archive  
(size 8.2 MB)
Network device driver test suite
ndtests.pkg (v. 8.0.2e)
README Download Archive  
(size 0.5 MB)
O5ndtests.pkg (v. 7.1.0)
README Download Archive
(size 1.6 MB)
X11 graphics tests
For OpenServer 6, see the Note following this table.

For UnixWare 7.1.4:
xtests.pkg (v. 7.1.0)
README Download Archive
(size 5.5 MB) and use this RunTests shell script.

xtests.pkg (v. 7.1.0)
README Download Archive
(size 5.5 MB) and use this RunTests shell script.
Kernel debugging environments

On UnixWare 7.1.4/Open Server 6 or later systems, as an ordinary user (not root) download and run the SETUP.sh script to retrieve the files of interest.

Note: kstuff bundles are specific to the operating system release and maintenance pack level.


(size 0.7 MB)

osr600mp4.DEBUG.Z bundle(size 16.2 MB)
uw714mp4.DEBUG.Z bundle(size 14.8 MB)
uw713mp5.DEBUG.Z bundle(size 13.7 MB)
uw711mp5.DEBUG.Z bundle(size 12.7 MB)

osr600mp4.LEAKS.Z bundle(size 14.9 MB)
uw714mp4.LEAKS.Z bundle(size 13.6 MB)
uw713mp5.LEAKS.Z bundle(size 12.6 MB)
uw711mp5.LEAKS.Z bundle(size 11.7 MB)



Note: Graphics device driver information for OpenServer 6 is available in X.Org Foundation's X Window System Version 11 Release 6.8.2 (X11R6.8.2) , which is included in OpenServer 6.