Xinuos Developer Network

Migration & Technical Support

The Developer Network provides access to many different types of technical supporting, including whitepapers, technical how-tos, community resources. These services available available to help you with your development projects.

  • Migration Portal
    The Migration Portal lets you ask our engineers about migrating to a Xinuos product. The portal also provides other information about migrating to OpenServer or UnixWare.

  • Public Knowledge Center | Private Knowledge Center
    The Online Knowledge Center includes information on installation, configuration, "how to" technical articles, patches for currently shipping products, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), online manuals and documentation, and hardware compatibility listings.
  • Support Notification Service
    The Support Notification Service sends email messages when there are changes or additions to the Online Knowledge Center.

  • Community Resources
    Xinuos's Community Resources also provide links to forums, newsgroups, and other free development resources.

  • Bug Reporting
    Xinuos recognizes that your feedback is a valuable source of information for continuous product improvements. To enable this communication channel, Xinuos provides a bug reporting form as a service to you without a Support Service Agreement.

  • Online Documentation
    Xinuos's Online Documentation provides help for using Xinuos products.

  • Product Certification
    Through Xinuos's Hardware and Software Certification Programs, our commercial testing suites help you ensure that your solutions are compatible with our platforms. Companies with certified products are elible for co-marketing activities and access to Xinuos's channel partners.

  • Developer eSupport
    Developer eSupport is uniquely designed to ensure optimization of both current and emerging technologies.

  • Engineering Services
    Engineering Services include Partner Engineering and Certification Services. These programs provide participating partners with the services needed to facilitate product development and assure product compatibility.

  • Hardware Developer eSupport
    Hardware Developer eSupport offers the Independent Hardware Vendor a means to quickly identify Device Driver issues. The development engineer is routed to the level of expertise necessary, whether the problem is with Mass Storage, Networking, Graphics, or other types of device drivers.