OpenServer 6


OpenServer® Release 6.0 is an impressive operating system for low-cost, commodity hardware that features large file support and support for a broad array of modern applications. With a decade of rock-solid stability and dependability, OpenServer has stood the test of time for small and large businesses needing an affordable all-in-one server.

OpenServer 6 brings to users a powerful, new, and modern operating system with large file support and kernel-level threading for greater application support. With speed and performance improvements due to the integration of the SVR5 kernel, OpenServer 6 establishes a new standard for rock-solid stability and dependability. With increased memory and file size support, security enhancements, backward compatibility, support for Apache, Java® and Mozilla, OpenServer 6 is pure power and reliability.

OpenServer 6 includes application support for powerful UnixWare® applications, and provides the easy-to-use KDE® graphical interface.

OpenServer has stood the test of time for small to large businesses needing an affordable all-in-one server. It’s the kind of advantage you expect from Xinuos, the supplier of the world's most popular UNIX® operating system for low-cost hardware.


OpenServer® is the applications platform of choice by computer professionals for reliable, stable, and secure deployment on Intel and compatible computer systems. Now, with the release of OpenServer 6 these attributes have been refined to meet the challenges of a global economy. The greatest improvements in OpenServer 6 include multi-threaded application support, large file support (up to 1 terabyte), and an updated look and feel. With the introduction of the SVR5 kernel technology, OpenServer 6 customers have reported up to 1000% increase in performance.

Key improvements include:

  • File support up to 1 TB
  • Multi-processor support increased to 32 processors
  • Supports Intel and AMD multi-core CPUs
  • Memory support up to 64 GB
  • Adding the power of the SVR5 kernel that is in UnixWare 7.1.4 to OpenServer 6
  • Dramatic performance improvement
  • Support for OpenServer 5 Xenix Applications
  • Flash Player Support
  • USB Modem and Serial Adapter Support


Reliability continues to be the most important OpenServer 6 differentiator. OpenServer is known for its phenomenal stability and quality. An IDC survey of 1000 IT professionals found UNIX to be superior to Linux in multi-processing, integration, security, and skills availability. Overall UNIX was more likely to meet expectations for features, overall performance and manageability.Recent studies have also concluded that UNIX is more secure than either Linux or Windows. Additional competitive advantages include low total cost of ownership, and established reseller relationships.

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