Xinuos Developers Network

From this portal, you can browse a broad range of information resources to help you migrate your software and hardware to Xinuos's OpenServer or UnixWare platform. Whether you're migrating from Windows, or Solaris, we provide great resources to help you. Here are just a few of the resources available:

  • Ask an Engineer. If you have questions about migrating your software or hardware to a Xinuos platform, ask one of our engineers for assistance. It's free.
  • Migration Planning & Assistance. If you need help with planning your migration, we have resources to help you.
  • Technical Resources. If you have other questions about developing or migrating, please consult our online technical resources.

Choosing the Right Migration Platform
To help in choosing the right migration platform, please consider the strengths of each platform. For your convenience, we have provided these summaries:



Great for data center environments and running enterprise-class networks. Learn More

Ideal for business-critical applications that require a cost effective and exceptionally reliable platform. Learn More