OpenServer 6/UnixWare 7 HBA Testsuites

The hbacert package contains test and certification suites used to test SDI HBA and target drivers with their associated hardware.

For information about the entire UnixWare/OpenServer Hardware Developers Kit (HDK) release, see the HDK Release Notes.

Note: Documentation references on this page link to the Product Documentation. They are also available on your local system when the BASEman and HDKdoc packages are installed.

System requirements

The hbacert suite requires a SCO UnixWare 7 system with the following packages installed:

    Base Operating System, commands and utilities
    Enhanced Application Compatibility
    UDK Optimizing C Compilation System

or a SCO OpenServer 6.0.0 system.

Individual tests have additional prerequisites for the hardware being tested; see below for more information.

This package cannot be installed on OpenServer 5 systems. Similar test suites are provided for OpenServer 5 SCSI drivers in the O5hbacert package.


To install the hbacert package:

  1. Download the hbacert ISO image from here and create a CD.

    Note: Alternatively, to install the packages you can marry the ISO image on your UnixWare 7 or OpenServer 6 system. However, some hbacert tests require the physical hbacert CD to run.

  2. Insert the hbacert CD.

  3. Log in as root.

  4. Use the pkgadd(1M) command to install hbacert by entering:

      pkgadd  -d  /mnt/hbacert.pkg  all

Major revisions

The major changes since HDK Release 7.0.0:

  • The HBA Certification Requirements Checklist, which provides a clear process for IHVs to follow in getting their drivers certified, is included under the testsuites/doc directory (under the hbacert $HOME directory, which is by default ~hbacert). The online documentation describes the new process and how to use the checklist. The checklist is included in the SCO Driver Delivery Handbook which is available by special request from SCO.

  • All tests have been revised for this release to address customer reported problems and improve performance.

  • The test source code is included in the hbacert installation directory. This test source is included for reference purposes only and is not intended to allow customers to build the tests. See the individual test directories under the hbacert $HOME/testsuites directory for the scripts used to run the tests.

Known limitations

Please observe the following limitations when running the hbacert software:
  • Running more than one invocation of any of the Certification Test Suites on the same machine may lead to unexpected and unpredictable results.

  • Only the the hbacert CD or the HDK 7.1 CDROM should be used as the input test pattern CD for the cdrom tests. The HDK 7.1 CDROM test pattern will not work with older (pre-7.1) versions of hbacert.

  • We recommend 150M tape drive for the multiple-volume cpio test. High capacity drives (e.g., DLT drives) are not recommended at this time because of performance issues.

For more information

For complete information on configuring and running the HBA certification tests, refer to the Product Documentation web site for Testing and debugging HBA drivers. A copy of the SCOhelp HDK documentation is also available for browsing directly off the HDK CD; see the top-level files on the CD for more information.