OpenServer NIC Driver Testsuite

The O5ndtests package includes the ANT (Automated Network Test) suite used for OpenServer MDI network drivers.

Version 7.1.0b of the O5ndtests package differs from previous versions in the following ways:

  • FDDI support is now included
  • It can be installed and removed using pkgadd(ADM)
  • Numerous bugs have been fixed including installation and removal bugs
  • Errors when generating ANT reports have been corrected
  • ANT report generation automatically collects system specific information
  • IPX stack test 'Too many open files' has been fixed
  • 'dlpiopen: Unable to allocate SAP structure' has been fixed
  • See System Requirements below for additional fixes to problems

For current information about the entire UnixWare/OpenServer Hardware Developers Kit (HDK) release, see the HDK Release Notes.

Note: Documentation references on this page link to the Product Documentation.

System Requirements

This package is intended for OpenServer Systems. The ndtests package contains similar tests for UnixWare 7 MDI drivers.

  • For OpenServer Release 5.0.7, install Maintenance Pack 1 or later. This corrects an operating system problem with CPD where you see the message WARNING: The Policy Manager has died while running ANT.
  • For OpenServer Release 5.0.6, install Release Supplement RS506A. Also, you must reset your root password if it was 9 characters or longer when the system was installed. The TCP/IP stack test will fail during ftp testing otherwise.


To install the package from:

Downloaded Files

  1. Log in as root
  2. Download the package to an installation directory; for example, /tmp
  3. Use the pkgadd(ADM) command to install it by entering:
    pkgadd -d /tmp/O5ndtests

Media Distribution

  1. Log in as root
  2. Insert the CD-ROM in the drive
  3. Create a cdrom directory if it does not already exist:
    mkdir /cdrom
  4. Mount the CD-ROM by typing:
    mount -r /dev/cd0 /cdrom
  5. Use the pkgadd(ADM) command to install it by entering:
    pkgadd -d /cdrom O5ndtests

You will be prompted for a directory name where the tests are to be installed.


After installing the O5ndtests package:
  • Login to the system as root
  • Change directories (cd) to /usr/lib/ant
  • Run ./ant
  • Select option a to configure the test suite on both machines

Known Limitations

The O5ndtests package should only be installed on test machines because it can disable a system's networking.

The output due to test suite failures can be somewhat cryptic. However, source for the dlpiut utility is included with the test suites to assist with debugging drivers that fail any test suites: see the contents of the ~ndcert/src/dlpiut directory. The dlpiut utility is called from the test suite scripts to interface with the MDI driver under test.

For More Information

See also Testing and debugging MDI drivers.

Document version 7.1.0b
26 August 2003