The SCO - HP Relationship

How HP and The SCO Group Can Help You

SCO and HP have been partners in leading edge technology since the mid-1980s, when most PCs were single-task, single-user systems and the term "server" was unknown. The HP/SCO partnership harnessed the latent power of microcomputers with SCO UNIX to bring mainframe and minicomputer capabilities like multi-user and multi-tasking to the desktop. SCO was the first to bring these features to market, leveraging the superior reliability and stability of HP systems.

The SCO/HP partnership is reflected in a longstanding presence at SCO Forum and HP World. This close relationship has resulted in billions of dollars of HP hardware running SCO software worldwide. HP and SCO have a considerable presence in such vertical markets as Financial, Health Care, Manufacturing, and Transaction Processing. HP continues to support SCO operating systems across its server lines and has recently extended support to HP advanced storage technologies such as the MSA1000 and MSA1500.