SCO Professional Services

Custom Engineering

Project stalled because the right development skills and resources aren’t available? One way to get back on track is to outsource the project. But how do you find a vendor you can trust with your critical software development project?

You need someone that has a track record, a trusted name in the industry with the ability to deliver on time and within budget.

SCO's Professional Services group meets all these requirements. With over 20 years in the industry, SCO understands how to get the job done. Our pedigree is in UNIX systems but we have completed projects across a number of operating system platforms and layered technologies for OEMs, ISVs, Integrators and Peripheral manufacturers.

The combination of our project management methodology and our unrivalled development experience ensures success across a wide range of engagements.


  • Device driver development and maintenance
  • Application migration and porting
  • Systems software development and maintenance
  • Web enabling of applications
  • Embedded systems and specialist device operating system development
  • Server and server appliance – small footprint and dedicated function server production

Engagement Models

SCO engages with its customers in a number of ways:

Per Project Custom Proposal
Driven by an agreed specification our engineers work on a fixed price project basis to a defined schedule. This allows simple budgeting and planning.

Time & Materials
Where a specification has not been fixed we can start work on a day/week/month basis at a pre-agreed rate.

Annual Programs
For operating system drivers we can provide fixed price annual programs to keep drivers current with operating system revisions. For a fixed annual fee we can provide a follow-on program for development projects requiring on-going maintenance and enhancements.

Technology Labs
For long term relationships we set up lab teams dedicated to a customer. A pre-agreed number of developers work on a stream of projects determined by the customer. This allows continuity of process and maximum economies of scale.

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