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Xinuos Professional Services provides expert advice for designing and deploying IT solutions. After more than two decades of planning and implementing deployment strategies, Xinuos has gained a stellar reputation as industry-leading consultants with professionalism, problem solving skills, creative and innovative solutions, and attention to detail.

We work closely with your in-house MIS department, resellers, or consultants to create and deploy an IT strategy that incorporates both advanced technology and bulletproof reliability, all while saving you time and money!

Our OpenServer 6 Assessment Service provides a detailed analysis and evaluation of business applications, architectures, databases, and platforms associated with a new integration, migration, or application development project. Ensuring that your critical data is preserved and your applications function properly is our number one priority.

Our consultants will thoroughly examine your current hardware and software infrastructure to assess your readiness to move to OpenServer 6. Whether you are currently on a prior OpenServer version or coming from a completely different platform, our consultants have the expertise to assist in a worry-free transition.

Specific items investigated will include:

  • Complete assessment of existing or proposed hardware environment
  • Software and application environment assessment
  • User accounts and data
  • Printing requirements
  • System load
  • Security and Authentication
  • Data Storage and backup
  • Networking

Features and Deliverables

An Xinuos Professional Services Consultant will:

  • Gather information via questionnaire and direct examination of the system.
  • Consult with Company personnel on your current environment and strategic goals.
  • Discuss future Company projects.
  • Work with third party application and hardware vendors.
  • Analyze your complete infrastructure.
  • Deliver a comprehensive report detailing your readiness to update to OpenServer 6. This report will identify risks and provide specific guidelines for making the transition.

The above services can be performed at your site or remotely at your discretion.

Additional Services

Once your system has been positively assessed and you are ready to move forward, Xinuos Professional Services can help make this a seamless transition. Our Engineers stand ready to implement your new environment with the following additional Xinuos Professional Services:

    • Porting Service , our Engineers will help port, compile, and test your custom application in the OpenServer 6 environment.
    • Deployment Service , created to help free your burdened IT department and to provide the security of knowing that your critical systems are in the most qualified hands
    • Advanced Technical Training , our experts will provide customized, advanced technical training on new features and technologies introduced with OpenServer 6
    • Xinuos TEAM Services, This service features high-priority technical support and proactive technical account management.
    • Xinuos SoftTech Plus Support, a uniquely designed support service for Xinuos’s channel, partners and end users, includes support for Xinuos’s complete product portfolio
    • Xinuos SERVER 100 Support, Server100 is targeted to corporate end users and partners supporting up to 100 servers, unlimited incidents and prompt response times. Learn more HERE.


Part Number Description
FC000-UX00 OpenServer 6 Assessment Services
TA200-6001 OpenServer 6 Administration Guide I ISO Image, CD & Manual
TA200-6002 OpenServer 6 Administration Guide II ISO Image, CD & Manual
TA200-6003 OpenServer 6 Networking Guide ISO Image, CD & Manual
TA200-61CD OpenServer 6 Administration Guide I ISO Image & CD
TA200-62CD OpenServer 6 Administration Guide II ISO Image & CD
TA200-63CD OpenServer 6 Networking Guide ISO Image & CD

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