SCO Professional Services

Small Footprint and Embedded Solutions

Let the consultants from SCO Professional Services accelerate the production of your solution

SCO Professional Services really understand how to make Unix fly. The power and the flexibility of Unix can be optimized and customized to suit a huge range of applications. Point of sale devices, gaming platforms, dedicated function servers, specialist appliances are all perfect applications for Unix.

Working with you we can construct a complete solution customised to order. SCO Professional Services has completed projects in the following areas:

  • Point of sale terminals
  • Gaming platforms
  • Specialist appliances
  • Dedicated function servers
  • Specialist client devices

Through this experience SCO Professional Services has built a set of methodologies and techniques which help to speed up such projects. Through re-using code and technology we can help speed up and reduce the risks of trying to execute these projects in-house.

We have a range of services designed to take these projects from inception through development to maintenance and enhancement. You can choose which components you want do in-house or hand over to SCO to complete.

Platform Design

We would with you to identify the requirements for the platform you are building. By understanding the application, design and performance SCO's consultants can then design the optimum configuration to do the job. Factors considered include:

  • Optimisation for the planned hardware footprint.
  • Special devices that need new drivers created
  • Needs of the application - runtime environment components
  • Resiliance features to provide the required performance
  • Application development environment - migration, customisation and augmentation

At the end of this phase of the project SCO will hand you a detailed report containing the software platform design.

Platform Production Services

With a clear design in mind the next step is to engineer the platform, integrate and test the resulting solution. SCO Professional Services will develop required additional components (drivers, tools, utilities, application code) and then produce a customized deliverable including installation technology.

Replication and Deployment Services

SCO has extensive experience of rolling out software across large numbers of target machines. That experience is leveraged to create processes that reduce the cost of installation and deployment.

Extended Warranty Services

Once the initial platform has been created and deployed enhancements and changes may become necessary. SCO has a number of options for providing changes to platform including annual programs.