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Clustering Analysis

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If you require high availability and scalability of your business critical applications, let a team from Professional Services thoroughly audit your IT environment, and design a plan for clustering deployment. Highly respected in the UNIX System industry for our professionalism, problem-solving skills, innovative solutions, and attention to detail, we continuously work with enterprise users to assist them in thoroughly examining their systems and solving any problems that may arise.

As the world's leading provider of UNIX server operating systems, Xinuos maintains a staff of over 150 world-class engineers with insight into the technology and deployment issues in your enterprise. With direct access to Xinuos's developers, Xinuos Professional Services Consultants can recommend solutions for your specific system, helping you take full advantage of your clustering opportunity, and providing you with detailed plans for full deployment.


  • Complete analysis of existing system
  • Full detailed plan for clustering deployment
  • Comprehensive recommendations for solving technical issues and mitigating risk
  • Preparation of a full technical report and executive summary
  • Backed by Xinuos's global engineering and support infrastructure
  • Three levels available for enterprises of all sizes:
    • Clustering QuickAnalysis
    • Clustering SiteAnalysis
    • Clustering CustomAnalysis


  • Everything you'll need to make a clustering decision and begin deployment
  • Direct access to Xinuos clustering deployment experts
  • Speedy project completion and timely clustering deployment planning
  • Cost-effective reduction of risk
  • Xinuos Consultant joins your team
  • The confidence that comes from leveraging Xinuos's expert knowledge and resources based on 20 years of experience with UNIX systems.


In-depth study, either on-site (Clustering SiteAnalysis and CustomAnalysis) or via phone and dial-in service (QuickAnalysis), with an audit of existing systems, and complete scoping, planning and recommendations for deploying clustered applications.

Includes a full set of analytic deliverables:

  • Executive summary and detailed report on recommendations
  • Evaluation of your hardware and software, application base and IT infrastructure to determine exact requirements for clustering deployment
  • Recommendations for modifications required, if any, to existing infrastructure or applications for successful clustering.
  • Full technical assessment and risk analysis
  • Strategies for installing and deploying a clustered solution.

Three choices for enterprises of every size

Clustering QuickAnalysis
Clustering SiteAnalysis
Clustering CustomAnalysis
Number of servers applications to be cluster-enabled
more than 5
Sites visited by a Xinuos consultant
phone and remote dial-in**
more than 1
** Requires through-firewall access or a supplied duplicate system

Xinuos expertise

Xinuos is a global leader in business system software for network computing. Xinuos Professional Services provide unsurpassed technical expertise ensuring that you always get the right answer to your questions and the right solution for your needs.