UnixWare® 7.1.4

UnixWare® 7.1.4 System Requirements

The hardware that you will need to support an installation of UnixWare will vary depending on the installation options you choose. All installations have the following minimum requirements:


At least one Intel® Pentium® or AMD® microprocessor (including Opteron® in 32-bit mode), or a microprocessor that is 100-percent compatible with the same. Many installations will require a 100MHz (or faster) processor for better performance. Systems running Merge from the Optional Services CD should have a 200MHz or faster processor.


Conformance to the Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) (also called an AT bus), Extended Industry Standard Architecture (EISA), Peripheral Component Interface (PCI), or Intelligent Input/Output (I2O) standards.


32MB or more of RAM (Random Access Memory). For optimal CDE and Java performance 128MB of RAM is required. Performance is enhanced as more RAM is added.

Disk size and partitions

A hard disk of 1GB or larger is recommended. Small footprint installations can run on partitions as small as 500MB. IDE disk drives up to 1TB are supported; there is no limit on the SCSI disk drive capacity. Other installation types can run on a UNIX partition of 500MB or larger. To install all runtime CD packages included in the media kit, at least 3.0GB of disk space will be needed, as follows:

  • 1.3GB for the Base Operating System CDs (CD #1 and #2)
  • 52MB for the Optional Services CD (CD #3)
  • With this release of UnixWare, the UNIX® boot partition for a large capacity hard drive can begin above the 8GB boundary. The system uses extended BIOS calls to overcome previous release constraints (where the UNIX boot partition was required to begin below cylinder 1024 of the boot disk and within the first 8GB).

Additional space will be needed for data and user files.


A serial, USB, or PS/2-compatible mouse is recommended to access all graphical desktop functionality.


At least 1 Host Bus Adapter (HBA) is required, and up to 32 HBAs are supported by default. Additional HBAs (up to a maximum of 1024) can be added; however, the driver for any HBA added above 32 must support such a configuration.


A Super VGA monitor and video adapter capable of at least 1024x768 resolution is required to run the graphical desktop. Systems running Merge® from the Optional Services CD will require a 1280x1024 16-bit (or better) graphics adapter. The graphics adapter used during a fresh installation must have an IBM VGA compatible mode.

Network Card

A Network Interface Card (NIC) is only required for installation if you are performing a Network Install. At least 1 NIC is required for networking; up to 4 NICs of the same manufacturer and model can be connected at one time.

Media devices

A 3.5-inch diskette drive for booting the UnixWare system and installing additional software is required if:

  • You want to perform an installation from the media kit CD-ROMs and your system does not support bootable CD-ROMs.
  • You need to install vendor-supplied software (such as device drivers) from diskettes
  • You want to perform a network install, and your networking card does not support the PXE boot standard. Installing on such a system requires using the Network Installation Diskettes.

One of the following installation media devices is required:

  • A CD-ROM drive for installation from media kit CD-ROMs
  • A supported network adapter, and a preconfigured network installation server, for network installation

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