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Xinuos Announces Availability of 5.0.7 V Version 3.0.0

Xinuos Announces Product and Availability for OpenServer 5.0.7 V Version 3.0.0 for VMware

Xinuos announces product and availability details for OpenServer® 5.0.7V Version 3, the latest releases in the line of virtualized versions of its family of UNIX$reg; operating system products.

OpenServer 5.0.7V for VMware was introduced in August 2009. This release made it easy for customers to adopt a virtualization solution for OpenServer 5.0.7 through importing a pre-installed Virtual Appliance/Machine onto the VMware hypervisor.

OpenServer 5.0.7V Version 3 is the first of many new products that will be coming from Xinuos, Inc., a new company with a vision to develop the full potential of UNIX technology for businesses worldwide. Xinuos has acquired the OpenServer and UnixWare® operating system businesses with the intent of returning to, and building upon, the long tradition of offering rock solid UNIX system software to the IT market.

Product Announcement Details

Product Overview

OpenServer 5.0.7V is available in three formats:

  • a VMware ready image of OSR507, with Supplement 5 and other updates, which can be easily installed on a VMware ESX Server 3.5, vsphere 4.x, VMware Workstation 7.x for Windows or VMware ESXi 3.5 or 4.x system.
  • an upgrade supplement that can be installed on an existing OpenServer 5.0.7 (with Supplement 5) to convert it to an OpenServer 5.0.7V system.

With OpenServer 5.0.7V, customers will be able to capitalize on the benefits of virtualization, which is one of the fastest growing and most popular trends in the IT industry today. Virtualization allows multiple operating systems to run side-by-side as peers on the same hardware server. This provides a hardware cost savings and efficiency for IT departments. With OpenServer 5.0.7V, customers can take advantage of the full range of modern hardware support provided by the VMware virtualization layer while continuing to run their current applications.

For customers, virtualization essentially lets one computer do the job of multiple computers by sharing the resources of a single computer across multiple environments. Virtual servers and virtual desktops let customers host multiple operating systems and multiple applications both locally and in remote locations, freeing them from physical and geographical limitations. The result is that in addition to energy savings and lower capital expenditures due to more efficient use of hardware resources, customers obtain high availability of resources, better desktop management, increased security, and improved disaster recovery processes.

Product Availability

Xinuos is now accepting orders for the OpenServer 5.0.7V License Packs. The media is available as a downloadable ISO image from the Xinuos Support Download site at:

Features in OpenServer 5.0.7V

OpenServer 5.0.7V is optimized to run in a Virtual Machine environment.

What follows is a list of the major features of OpenServer 5.0.7V through Version 3.0.0.

OpenServer Release 5.0.7V Virtualization Extensions

OpenServer 5.0.7V ships with a package of Virtualization Extensions that facilitate the delivery of the product as a Virtual Appliance. This package provides support for:

  • Configuration of the Virtual Appliance on first boot after import
  • Reconfiguration of the Virtual Appliance at any time
  • Reconfiguration after cloning of your OpenServer 5.0.7V virtual machine to allow multiple versions to run in parallel. (Note that clones require separate licenses)
  • An upgrade supplement for existing, self-installed OpenServer 5.0.7 virtual machines to convert to 5.0.7V on VMware.

Licensing and Registration for OpenServer 5.0.7V

OpenServer 5.0.7V is being offered solely in the Enterprise Edition and is being licensed under an annual subscription model only. Under the subscription model customers will need to purchase and maintain an annual subscription license in order to continue using OpenServer 5.0.7V. With their annual subscription customers will receive all maintenance, updates and upgrades to OpenServer 5.0.7V and its virtual environment at no additional charge. Subscription licenses will be available for durations of one and three years with longer periods available by special order.

OpenServer 5.0.7V may be licensed in one of three ways:

  1. An initial OpenServer 5.0.7V license with duration of one or three years.
  2. An OpenServer 5.0.7V cross-grade license with duration of one or three years, in combination with a previously purchased OpenServer 5.0.7 Enterprise or Enterprise Trade-In license. Both will need to be entered when installing OpenServer 5.0.7V.
  3. An OpenServer 5.0.7V cross-grade license with duration of one or three years, in combination with a previously purchased OpenServer 5.0.6 Enterprise License and an upgrade to OpenServer 5.0.7. All three will need to be entered when installing OpenServer 5.0.7V.

Customers with Host or Desktop Editions will need to purchase an inter-edition trade-in license to the OpenServer 5.0.7 Enterprise Edition prior to converting to OpenServer 5.0.7V. Registration of OpenServer 5.0.7V at Xinuos’s product registration site will be required in order to validate the product license. Customers must register their systems within 14 days of installation.

Additional user licensing remains unchanged from that of current OpenServer 5.0.7.

Those wishing to evaluate OpenServer 5.0.7V may install and use the product for 7 days without applying a license.

Model Numbers

The pages at the links below summarize the Model Numbers available for OpenServer 5.0.7V, system requirements, and product limitations for each platform. <

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