UnixWare/OpenServer Hardware Developers Kit

This is Release 7.1 of the UnixWare/OpenServer Hardware Developers Kit (HDK). It includes documentation, code samples, and test suites for developing drivers for UnixWare 7 and OpenServer. Note that the actual driver interfaces and standard utilities and files used for driver development are included in the standard operating system platforms.

This file contains:

What's on this CD-ROM

The HDK is a set of packages. Select the packages you want installed from the main menu that is displayed when you issue the pkgadd command or specify the names of the packages you want to install on the pkgadd command line.

Before installing any HDK packages, read the appropriate informational files for special information about the packages being selected.

The following table lists all the packages that are provided on this Hardware Developers Kit 7 (HDK 7) CD-ROM. Click on the package name in this table to view the detailed information about that package. ASCII versions of these files are also available in the /info tree on the mounted CD-ROM in the readme.txt file in each subdirectory.

Packages OpenServer 5 UnixWare 7
Complete development kit    
Hardware Developers Kit set
(installs platform-specific packages)
hdk hdk
UnixWare Hardware Developer Documentation N/A HDKdoc
UnixWare Hardware Developer Manual Pages
(dual platform package)
HDKman HDKman
Sample drivers    
Sample DDI8 Driver N/A ddi8samp
Sample HBA Driver Source and Tools O5hbasamp hbasample
I2O Sample Source and Headers N/A i2oSample
Sample MDI Network Drivers O5ndsampl ndsample
Platform Support Development Kit N/A psk
NFB Graphics Driver Development Kit O5xlinkit xlinkkit
Sample HPCD Driver N/A hpcdsamp
UnixWare 7 Release 7.1 Kstuff'ed kernel N/A kstuff
Test Suites    
HBA Certification Tests O5hbacert hbacert
System Load Tests O5hcptest loadtests
Network Driver Test Suite O5ndtests ndtests
X11R6 Graphics Tests
(dual platform package)
xtests xtests

Installation information

Earlier versions of the HDK packages should be removed from your system with the pkgrm command before installing the new version.

Installation instructions for the entire HDK product on the UnixWare 7 Release 7.1.0 platform are given in the HDK Release Notes. These notes also include important information regarding the HDK.

On OpenServer systems, you must run custom to install the O5patch package before running pkgadd to install the HDK packages.

Installation instructions for individual packages are included in the descriptions listed in the previous section.

See also the Late News topic at the Product Documentation site, which contains the latest information about known limitations on the UnixWare 7 platform, including the HDK.

Licensing your system

Before installing sample drivers and development kits from this Web site, you must read and agree to the Source Code License Agreement.

Other important information on this CD-ROM

In addition to the technology-specific readme files in the package hierarchy, this info directory contains the following information:

  • The uw710doc package

    This package contains the entire UnixWare 7 documentation set in static file: format. It is provided to enable OpenServer developers to read the documentation locally with a Netscape® browser (Navigator® 3.0 or higher), because the non-manual page documentation built with the UnixWare 7 tools cannot be installed and read on an OpenServer system.

    The latest online documentation is available at the Product Documentation site.

    See readme.htm or readme.txt for more information.