MDI network adapter drivers

MDI (MAC Driver Interface) is a STREAMS-based interface used to implement network adapter drivers for OpenServer and UnixWare systems. MDI handles communication between the network adapter and the DLPI layer that communicates with the protocol stacks. MDI can be used to implement LAN drivers and, for OpenServer 6/UnixWare 7 systems, ISDN WAN drivers.

See the Product Documentation for the following references. MDI is documented in the following:

  • Section D2mdi manual pages

  • Section D3mdi manual pages

  • Section D4mdi manual pages

  • Section D7mdi manual pages

  • Section D7isdn manual pages

  • Section 7mdi manual pages

  • Section 7isdn manual pages

  • Developing MDI network adapter drivers

Network drivers that use other media types can be implemented with the DLPI messages that are documented on the Section D7dlpi manual pages.

The MDI interface versions for OpenServer 6/UnixWare 7 and OpenServer 5 are quite similar, although the OpenServer 6/UnixWare 7 version supports more functionality than the OpenServer version does. Most modifications required when porting MDI drivers between the two platforms are related to the differences between the basic driver interfaces on the two platforms: differences in the entry point routine sets, the synchronization primitives that are supported, and the configuration facilities that are used. See ``Porting network adapter drivers to MDI 2'' for more information about porting MDI drivers between OpenServer 5 and OpenServer 6/UnixWare 7 systems.