Installation Support

Xinuos TEAM Partner Assist

TEAM Partner Assist is aimed at assisting channel partners support their customers featuring high priority technical support and proactive technical account management. TEAM's award-winning services are available for all your Xinuos products. Your assigned technical account manager oversees all aspects of your support requirements to meet your business needs.

Partners with critical support issues can engage a TEAM support engineer to assist. The Xinuos support engineer can work with the partner or, at the partner's request, directly with the end user customer. Xinuos support engineers will even dial in to customers systems if required.

The partner is kept informed with the progress and a report is delivered to the partner once the issue is resolved. Partners can then invoice customer as they see fit.

TEAM Partner Assist allows the channel partner to rely on Xinuos's enterprise class experience in critical situations while still maintaining the customer relationship.

Key Features:

  • Immediate, direct access to Assigned Technical Account Manager
  • Support for all Xinuos current product releases
  • Reseller has the option of working directly with Xinuos, or hand-off to Xinuos their customer issue
  • Annual contract with up to 24 incidents
  • Up to two authorized contacts Reseller provided with statement from Xinuos at closure of each issue
  • Interface directly with hardware or software third party suppliers as needed
  • Dial into end user system as needed
  • Access to Online Service Manager, which includes:
    • Knowledge center for current and retired product releases
    • Automatic notification service of new technical articles, patches, product announcements and other information
    • Access to online account information and weekly status reports
    • Access to Xinuos's Software Support Library CD image
  • Add-on services available (24x7 Emergency Service and limited Retired Product Support)


  • Reseller maintains direct relationship with their customer, allowing the flexibility to engage Xinuos to work directly with their customer at their discretion
  • Reseller can invoice their customer directly
  • Personalized, proactive support
  • Technical Account Manager develops a close working relationship with your team to fully understand your project needs
  • Reliability and dependability
  • Immediate access to up-to-date information on fixes, new features and helpful hints
  • Covers all Xinuos products

Assigned Technical Account Manager

The TEAM Technical Account Manager assigned to your account serves as your direct contact to Xinuos Team support. Your Technical Account Manager will provide the Xinuos technical expertise required to assure successful solution implementation and support for your Xinuos systems.

Backup Always Available

An alternate Technical Account Manager is assigned to your account as a backup when your primary Technical Account Manager is not available. Your technical Account Manager is backed by one of the industry's leading engineering team.

Xinuos Team Add on Services

Add-on options are available to your base TEAM contract, such as:

  • 24x7 Emergency Services
  • Retired Product Support - Add on service is offered on a limited configuration, installation, and troubleshooting basis for the core operating system products that have been officially retired from Xinuos's supported product line. Support is limited to existing workarounds and fixes, and does not include engineering escalation support.

Hours of Operation

For North and South American customers, TEAM Services is available from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Pacific Time: for European customers, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. UK time, Monday through Friday, excluding Xinuos's holidays. For an additional fee, you may also choose after hour's emergency service coverage, including weekends and holidays.

For more information, contact your local Xinuos sales representative, or:

In the Americas, phone 1 (800) 726-6561
In the rest of the world, phone +44 8700 994 992