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Xinuos Hardware Developers Kit Web Pages

Welcome to the Xinuos Hardware Developers Kit (HDK) web pages for developing device drivers. These web pages provide downloadable files for the three HDK components: documentation, sample drivers, and test suites.

The HDK is provided for the following Xinuos platform releases:

  • OpenServer 6
  • UnixWare 7.1.4

Note: Also supported are the following platforms: OpenServer 5.0.7, OpenServer 5.0.6, and UnixWare 7.1.3.

The HDK is supported on these platforms with the latest operating system Release Supplement or Maintenance Pack applied. The actual device driver interfaces, standard utilities, and files used for device driver development are included in the standard Xinuos operating system platform products.

Hardware Developers Kit Downloads

The HDK software and documentation packages can be downloaded from the following pages. You can browse the READMEs for the packages before you download them.


Installable packages of the latest HDK documentation for developing OpenServer and UnixWare device drivers plus pointers to the web sites where this documentation can be viewed.


Sample Drivers

Installable packages containing complete buildable source for various device driver types, and component hardware device driver development kits. Before installing sample device drivers and component hardware device driver development kits from this web site, you must read and agree to the Source Code License Agreement.


Test Suites

Installable packages containing test tools for various device driver types as well as general device driver and system test tools. Most test suite packages also contain source code for the tests.



An ISO image of the entire HDK CD. This HDK 7.1 CD contains earlier versions of the documentation, sample drivers, and test suites comprising the HDK. The latest version of these packages are available from the Documentation, Sample Drivers and Test Suites links immediately above.

See also the "Late News" topic at the Product Documentation site for each Xinuos platform, for the latest information about known limitations about the platform, including the HDK. Also see this overview of the architecture of OpenServer and UnixWare platforms.

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