Optional Services

The Optional Services are a series of enhancement products that extend and complement the built-in functionality provided in UnixWare products. All Optional Services are certified and supported for use on UnixWare 7.1.3

Reliant HA - provides high-availability clustering solutions for customers that require high levels of application, system and data availability. Using Reliant HA you can create highly available 2-to-4 node clusters. Unlike expensive proprietary solutions, Reliant HA supports industry standard Intel processor servers with off-the-shelf RAID and networking solutions. Unlike some solutions that use redundant systems and peripherals, all nodes in the cluster can be used. There is no need for an idle system(s) to be allocated for use only for failover purposes.

Online Data Manager - is a cost-effective storage management solution for high availability and online volume management. It provides software RAID Levels 0, 1, 5, 10(striping, mirroring, striping with distributed parity and striped mirroring) as well as disk spanning capabilities. It includes a graphical Visual Administrator for exceptional ease-of-use and supports online file systems resizing, migrations and RAID level modifications.

Disk Mirroring - provides increased data availability by providing fault tolerance against disk failures and faster access via software RAID Level 1(simple disk mirroring). By adding a second disk to the system and enabling Disk Mirroring, administrators will automatically have access to their business critical data should one disk fail. Designed to work with off-the-shelf disk storage subsystems, Disk Mirroring provides a very cost effective high availability data storage solution.

Advanced File and Print Server - enables scalable file and print sharing with PCs running Microsoft Windows. AFPS allows you to seamlessly access file and printers in the native Windows format from native UnixWare 7 business applications running on the server. AFPS provides peer-to peer compatibility with Microsoft Windows Server so the desktop clients interoperate with the UnixWare 7 server exactly the same as if it were a Microsoft Windows server.

Fully supported Open Source Applications - The popular Open Source applications have been moved from the Skunkware CD to the optional services CD. By including them on the Optional Services CD, the following Open Source applications are fully ScO supported standard components of UnixWare.

  • Samba
  • Samba Multi byte version
  • Cdrtools - record audio/data CDs
  • Mozilla Browser