SCOoffice Server 2.0 for UnixWare - New Connector Features

By default, new messages destined for your INBOX will be retrieved from the Mail Server using Outlook's POP3 service. This enables users of the Mail Connector to use the following Outlook features:

  • The Send/Receive button is used instead of the Connector's 'Synchronize' button to send and receive mail.
  • New mail pop-up notifications
  • Automatic reject/accept of incoming meeting requests
  • Automatic rules processing of incoming mail
  • Voting
Alternatively, if you configure the Mail Connector to synchronize your INBOX using its IMAP protocol (Connector 1.x method) the features listed above will not be functional.

Ability to set a global folder synchronization preference, which applies to all folders. The synchronization choices are:

  • Every time I select the folder
  • Manually (click the "Synchronize" button)
  • When Outlook starts up and exits
A parent folder can be set to synchronize its sub-folders automatically.

Faster startup and synchronization of folders. Folder permissions can be applied by the pre-defined user types listed here:

  • Administrator
  • Power User
  • User
  • Guest

The Connector toolbar can be hidden using Outlook's 'View' menu item.

Automatic web-based registration and license activation.

Automatic installation and configuration of the Mail Connector and Address Book is possible when used with a setup.ini file.