OpenServer 5.0.7

Now you can find support for the latest Open Source tools in OpenServer, giving you unprecedented portability and flexibility.

  • New Java JDK 1.3.1
  • Java runtime now installed in the base product
  • Graphics, Web, and X-11 libraries (gwxlibs), a collection of libraries that allow for easy porting of Open Source software to OpenServer
  • New Network Services
    • Samba, Squid, OpenSSL (Secure Sockets Layer), and OpenSSH (Secure Shell)
  • Updated Network features
    • BIND, FTP, IP Filter
    • Apache has been updated and integrated with PHP, XML, ASP, and mod_perl support
    • DocView, the new online documentation system for all Xinuos operating systems
  • Updated portions of libc from UnixWare® 7.1.3
  • Mozilla web browser, in addition to the traditional Netscape Communicator browser
  • Lynx for character-based browsing
  • New UnixWare and OpenServer Development Kit (UDK) 7.1.3