Support Services

The support tool `sysinfo` is an information gathering tool.

The sysinfo command creates a report containing system configuration and statistical information, including:

  • Installed packages and patches
  • Hardware information
  • Networking configuration and statistics
  • Performance and tuning data
  • Kernel and driver details
  • And other misc info based on what is installed

The sysinfo shell script generates the report by executing a series of unix commands and capturing their output into a single file.

This tool evolves as new products and information demands. The latest version can always be found at:

The sysinfo shell script is multi-platform, so the same tool runs on all SCO Operating System releases and versions. Install it using the command:

zcat sysinfo.pkg.Z | pkgadd -d - sysinfo

For more detailed information see the sysinfo man page at:

The most common syntax would be:

sysinfo -vf /tmp/sysinfo.html

This would generate a full HTML report with the filename /tmp/sysinfo.html

sysinfo can also be used to generate real-time system dump information with the syntax:

sysinfo -vcd

This will generate a live memory dump and combine it with a sysinfo report into a file in /usr/adm with a filename based on your hostname and the current timestamp.