Incident-Based Services


Xinuos Premier is designed for partner and end-users with an install base of up to 50 Xinuos servers. This service allows you the flexibility to purchase an annual agreement with a defined number of support incidents ranging from 5 to 50 incidents. Incidents can be used for most current Xinuos products.

Key Features

  • Annual agreement with incidents in increments of 5, 10, 20 or 50 via telephone, email or fax
  • Includes support for most Xinuos current product releases (except clustering and Authentication)
  • Supports up to 50 Xinuos servers
  • 4 business hour response
  • Three authorized contacts
  • Access to Xinuos's Online Service Manager, which includes:
    • Xinuos's Knowledge Center for current product Technical Articles and patches
    • Automatic notification service of new Technical Articles and patches
    • Online support contract information and activity status
  • Add on services available (24x7 Emergency Services and Limited Retired Product Support)


  • Enables you to support multiple customer sites
  • Pay only for the support you need, add more if needed
  • Covers multiple current product releases

Access to Xinuos’s Knowledge Center

Premier allows you access to all Technical Articles for current products using your online account manager.

Automatic Notification Service

With this service, you will be automatically notified by email of all new technical articles, patches, product announcements and other information.

Online Account Information/Status Reports

Secure password protected access to your entitled support contract information and support activity status. In addition, you will also receive monthly status reports through email.

Administrative Account Manager (Premier 50 Only)

To ensure that your support service needs are met, an Account Manager is assigned to your account. To ensure continuity, your Account Manager will provide a single point of contact for administrative issues, and be an advocate for your support account within Xinuos

Add-on Services

With Premier support, you have the option of adding on services to your base contract for an additional fee, such as:

  • 24x7 Emergency Services – After standard business hours support on issues defined as critical to your overall business that cannot wait until normal business hours. You have the flexibility of purchasing 24x7 Emergency Services on an annual, overnight or for a weekend basis, depending on your business critical needs.
  • Retired Product Support – Add on service is offered on a limited configuration, installation, and troubleshooting basis for the core operating system products that have been officially retired from Xinuos’s supported product line. Support is limited to existing workarounds and fixes, and does not include engineering escalation support.

For more information, contact your local Xinuos sales representative, or:

In the Americas, phone 1 (800) 726-6561
In the rest of the world, phone +44 8700 994 992