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Xinuos Partner Engineering Services

Providing Direct Access to Xinuos Product Plans and Development Engineering

Partner Engineering Services are designed for vendors who want to take advantage of the latest enhancements in Xinuos's products at the earliest opportunity. An engineering relationship can assure product compatibility from day one.

Xinuos Account Managers are members of one of the world's most respected engineering support teams, with the experience and expertise necessary to assist you with the development of your product.

From device driver development to optimization of Xinuos open systems software, Partner Engineering Services gives participants a powerful advantage in today's competitive open systems market.

Features and Benefits

  • Assigned Xinuos technical account manager
  • Access to, and support for, pre-release product and developing technology
  • Product Certification and Logo usage
  • Certified Products are listed in the Xinuos "Certified Products Directory"
  • Strategic relationship and regular product roadmap exchange
  • Assistance in developing Xinuos compatible products
  • With access to restricted source code, our engineering team can work with partners to help solve problems, and to help optimize product performance
  • Shortened product development cycle and time to market
  • Released products that take advantage of Xinuos's latest enhancements and technology at the earliest opportunity
  • Priority issue escalation
  • Certification enables partners to assure their Xinuos customers of compatibility they can count on
  • Products and updates can be synchronized with Xinuos's schedule
  • Certified products enjoy a competitive advantage in the highly competitive open systems market

For Further Information:

Online Inquiries: Click Contact Xinuos HERE or at the bottom of the page. Then, make sure to select "Certification" under "Choose Category".

Telephone Inquiries: Contact your Xinuos Sales Representative, or,

In the Americas phone (800) 726-6561
In the rest of the world phone +44 8700 994 992