Single Hardware Certification

Single Hardware Certification

Single Hardware Certification

Xinuos Hardware Certification


The Hardware Certification Program allows participants to send their hardware solutions to Xinuos for per-product certification. Certification testing must be performed at Xinuos.

Certification is valid only for the Xinuos operating system and vendor product revision tested. We recommend that computer systems submitted for certification contain components that have been Xinuos certified individually. See the Xinuos Certified Product web pages for a listing of certified components.

Certified equipment will remain at Xinuos for a period of no less than two years. Exemptions can be made (upon request) for high-end or one of a kind systems.


  • System Certification Fee: $1500 first operating system, $1000 for each additional operating system.
  • Peripheral Certification Fee: $800 per operating system.
  • Regression Testing Fee: $500 per product (for new operating system releases that occur within one year of the original test date).

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Online Inquiries

Click: Contact Xinuos HERE or at the bottom of the page. Then, make sure to select "Certification" under "Choose Category". Telephone Inquiries:

Telephone: Contact your Xinuos Sales Representative, or, in the Americas phone (800) 726-6561 In the rest of the world phone +44 8700 994 992