Xinuos Hardware Developer Service

Vendor a means to quickly identify Device Driver issues. The development engineer is routed to the level of expertise necessary, whether the problem is with Mass Storage, Networking, Graphics, or other types of device drivers. This program offers professional Hardware Developers the expertise they need.


  • Service allows for five incidents, via email, within 6 months
  • Basic Developer Support
    • Coding Standards
    • System Calls and APIs
    • Standards Conformance
  • Advanced Developer Support
    • Internals
    • Device Driver Troubleshooting
    • Algorithm Development
    • Failure Mode Determination
    • Debugger Tools and Usage
    • Productizing Drivers
  • Coding Issues Resolution
    • Porting Assistance
    • Code Debugging
    • Performance Tuning
  • Hardware Software problem isolation


  • Tiered approach enables maximum efficiency
  • Provides access to Xinuos Development Engineers
  • Affordable to all IHVs
  • Reduces IHV's development time

Program Eligibility

All system and peripheral hardware manufacturers whose products support Xinuos operating systems are eligible to apply for this service. 

To Obtain Applications

Online Inquiries: Click Contact Xinuos HERE or at the bottom of the page. Then, make sure to select "Certification" under "Choose Category".

Telephone Inquiries: Contact your Xinuos Sales Representative, or,

In the Americas phone (800) 726-6561
In the rest of the world phone +44 8700 994 992