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The Xinuos Certification Alliance program is an extension of the Xinuos Certification program. Under the Certification Alliance, vendor products are tested at the vendorís facility by vendor test engineers. This program requires an annual contract and includes unlimited certification with the contracted Xinuos operating systems.

Vendors are provided the test tools and documentation necessary to perform certification testing. In addition, vendors can be provided with test kit training upon request.

Periodic audits will be performed on vendor-tested products, and the equipment will remain at the lab that performs the audit. All other certified equipment will be sent to one of the Xinuos certification labs upon request if it is required to reproduce a customer problem, otherwise the equipment will remain at the vendorís lab.

All of the features and benefits of the Certification program are included in the Certification Alliance. This is not a Partner Engineering Services program, and as such, none of the features and benefits exclusive to the Partner Engineering Services program are included. See the Engineering Services Comparison Chart for program differences.

Program Pricing

Pricing for participation in the Certification Alliance program is as follows:

$15,000 per year for one operating system (UnixWare or OpenServer)

$25,000 per year for all currently shipping operating systems.

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Telephone inquiries, contact: your local Xinuos Sales Office