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`patchck` is a System Administration tool which simplifies the process of downloading and installing essential patches as well as report on the patch status of a system.

`patchck` can be run in four modes. When run in default mode, patchck is executed without any options. In this mode, patchck provides a list of installed patches which it checks against a static list included with the utility.

If patches are missing from the system, the user is presented with a download menu, followed by an install menu. Once all required patches have been installed, the user is then prompted to remove any unused downloaded patches, review the patches installed and error logs.

When executed in "auto" mode, patchck downloads and installs all missing patches without any user intervention. Patchck can also be executed in "check" mode. In check mode, patchck simply lists all installed and missing patches. There is also a "log" option which displays the most recent patchck logs.


patchck [auto | check | logs | help | version]
patchck [ -u ] [ -o ] [ -s ] [ auto | check | download ]

By default, `patchck` only checks the currently installed base OS patches against a static list of recommended essential base OS patches.

Use '-o' to look for optional patches, and '-s' to look for security patches.

Since the list is static and included with the utility, to ensure that the most recent patches are being applied to your system, patchck will expire four months from the date the utility is posted to SCO's ftp site. Use '-u' to update to the latest version.

Every time a new essential base OS patch is release, patchck is updated and posted again.

The latest version of patchck available from:

For more information about all patches and other packages and drivers that could also be available for your system, please go to SCO's download page, located at:



Use `patchck logs` to see the most recent logs. You can also use `touch /tmp/patchck.debug` and it will write debug data there.