Licensing & Registration


Licensing Troubleshooting Tips


What to check if your license doesn't appear to work:
  1. Verify that the license you are using matches the product that you are trying to install. If it does not match, please contact your product supplier to obtain the correct license.

  2. Make sure that you are entering your license information correctly. Sometimes it can be difficult to read the license information. Be especially careful of the following:
    • 1 (one) versus l (L)
    • : (colon) versus ; (semicolon)
    • g (G) versus q (Q)
    • q (Q) versus a (A)
    • 0 (zero) versus O (letter)

  3. If you are attempting to add an additional user license to your system, make sure that you have installed the base license first. Once you have done that, then go to the License Manager to add the additional user.

  4. If you are still experiencing difficulties with your product license, please contact your product supplier for assistance.
    Click here to find a SCO Authorized Reseller in your area.