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Create Internet-Based Solution

Progressive businesses are making the move from bricks and mortar to the Internet, where millions of potential customers might be looking for exactly your product offering. A business Website is as necessary in today's business climate as a telephone was a century ago. It's easy to setup and manage a Website. We'll show you how.

Consulting Services Home Page
No one has better ideas about designing and deploying IT strategies than the experts at SCO Consulting Services. We've garnered a sterling reputation as industry-leading consultants for professionalism, problem-solving skills, innovative solution, and attention to detail.
Across a range of technologies, our consulting and development teams have delivered advice, guidance, implementation, integration, and custom engineering. Our LifeSpan Project Methodology builds on what you have and applies an evolutionary approach.

Support Services Home Page
SCO Support Services offers a wide range of service offerings tailored to a diverse set of customer needs, which enable high quality diagnosis and quick resolution time.
SCO Support Services includes self-help services, which includes installation resources to get your SCO product installed, locate patches, supplements, updates, RPMs, SRPMs, device drivers, and security advisories.
SCO Global Services provides traditional and Web-delivered service worldwide. Included in SCO Global Services are Technical Support, Education, Consulting Services, and On-Line Services.