SCO Partner Program

The following list provides the details for the improved benefits found here. If you have any questions about these benefits, please contact

Assigned SCO Representatives

  • SCO Authorized Partners and above
  • Account management provides SCO partners with the ability to have a person at SCO that is working with you to drive your success with SCO. You will have an individual's name, phone number, and email address so that you can contact them at any time.

Beta Program Participation

  • SCO Premier and VSP Partners
  • SCO is dedicated to providing the most reliable and stable products available on the market. To this end, we will be inviting SCO Premier and VSP partners to beta test our newest releases and products. This will help our partners become familiar with the products prior to release in the market, and it will help SCO produce the best products available.

Co-Marketing Opportunities

  • SCO Premier Partners
  • SCO values our partners, and to this end, we will be announcing co-marketing and go-to-market activities for our partners. These activities will include the ability to request MDF funds, sponsorship opportunities in your area, and others. Stay tuned for all the details.

Discounted Software

  • Available to All SCO Partners
  • As a SCO partner, you have the ability to purchase discounted software through your distributor, or Not-For-Resale software from SCO for development and testing purchases. For information on a distributor, click HERE. To purchase NFR software, please call 1-800-SCO-UNIX (1-800-726-8649).

Discounted Support Pricing

  • SCO Authorized Partners and above
  • As a SCO Authorized, Premier or VSP partner, you can buy and resell SCO support and services to your customers at a discounted rate. SCO Support and Services have won industry awards for the services they provide. For all the details on your discounts and which packages these apply to, please contact your SCO representative.

Free NFR Products

  • SCO Premier Partners
  • Not-For-Resale products are your way, as a SCO partner, to understand SCO's technology as it applies to your needs and those of your customers. As a SCO Premier partner, you will be given the opportunity to select free NFR packages from a pool of products. Details on this offering will be coming your way shortly.

Free Online Technical Support

  • Available to All SCO Partners
  • SCO has one of the most comprehensive online technical support offerings through our Knowledge Center. Free to all SCO partners through the Partner Lounge, Partner Online provides you with the ability to search on the product of your choice for specific questions or issues. This is available today at

Marketing & Sales Tools

  • SCO Premier and USP Partners
  • As SCO Premier and VSP partners, you understand how to sell SCO products. However, SCO is determined to help your success grow even more. To this end, SCO will be providing sales and marketing tools for each SCO product that can be used to help you talk with your customers and provide them the best information possible. These will be available beginning in February.

Partner Communications

  • Available to All SCO Partners
  • SCO regularly communicates to our partners through the monthly newsletter, SCO Partner News, and a weekly Marketing Update. These communications are designed to help our partners understand SCO's directions and strategies, along with updated information on our products. You can access the SCO Partner News HERE.

Product Resources

  • SCO Authorized Partners and above
  • Product resources - current literature, Quick Fact Sheets, NFR packages, and others - are essential to getting the best and most accurate information out to your customers. Working with the Product Marketing Managers, teamSCO will be providing this information to our Authorized, Premier, and VSP partners for each SCO product.

Sales & Technical Training

  • Available to All SCO Partners
  • Providing our partners with sales and technical trainings is key to helping you succeed with SCO. In an effort to help our partners understand the market SCO fits into, how to market to new and current customers, and to gain a handle on the technical side of the business, teamSCO will be providing bi-monthly webinars focusing on the issues that our partners have today. Stay tuned for the schedule of webinars beginning in February.