SCO Partner Program

Reduced Cost Demonstration Software and Licenses

Get familiar with the most superior market offerings that you can sell, develop and educate on. As a member of the SCO Partner Program you can order Not For Resale (NFR) software and Demonstration Licenses via our on-line shopping cart.

What is a Demonstration License?

A Demonstration License activates software to full functionality and ensures it is non-expiring. Demonstration Software and Licenses cannot be re-sold.

Which Demonstration Licenses are available?

  • SCO OpenServer Release 5
  • UnixWare 7
  • UnixWare 7 NSC

License Terms for Demonstration Software

  • Demonstration Licenses are strictly for demonstration purposes only and may not be used for commercial implementation.
  • Licenses can only be employed at the specified user level.
  • Resale of the product requires purchase of full commercial license(s) from the standard ordering channels.
  • One License per product may be purchased per Partner Program member in any 12-month period.
  • If your company requirements exceed this limit, please contact your regional office who will review your company needs and adjust the limit accordingly. If you have any additional queries about conditions of use, contact your local SCO sales office.

What do you Need?

  • Media Kit
  • Demonstration License

Media Kits and Licenses are sold separately and you can order them both here. You must have a Media Kit and the appropriate License to activate the software. If you already own a Media Kit for the relevant product, it is not necessary to repurchase here.

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