How to Purchase Xinuos Products and Services

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Xinuos is proud of the reputation of our products and services — in 82 countries. We're pleased that you've found our award-winning products to be of value to you. Xinuos's products are sold exclusively through the reseller channel of third-party solution providers and distributors. Our education products are sold through authorized education providers. Our support services are sold to channel partners for resale to their customers.

To purchase a Xinuos product, telephone HERE.
For customers within ... The telephone number is ...
Africa +44 8700 994 992
Americas 1 (800) 726-8649
Europe +44 8700 994 992
Middle East +44 8700 994 992
Pacific Rim 1 (800) 726-8649

To purchase a Xinuos product from a solution provider in your area, click HERE.

  • To find a Xinuos solution to meet your business goals, click HERE.
  • To find an authorized education provider, click HERE.
  • If you are a Xinuos partner, you may login to our Partner Lounge to obtain special rates on media kits, demonstration software, and obtain other resources. Click HERE.