255 - UnixWare 7 Administration II: System Installation, Configuration, and Maintenance

Optimizing the performance of your UnixWare 7 system gives you the competitive edge you need for today's business critical environment. With this course, you acquire the high-level skills needed to gain the maximum benefit from your SCO UnixWare 7 system.

By learning to effectively plan and implement your SCO UnixWare 7 system installation, you can maximize your investment in SCO business critical servers. This intensive, hands-on course teaches experienced system administrators the key principles behind planning and implementing software and hardware installations to achieve the greatest benefit from UnixWare 7 technology. Emphasis is also devoted to the special features of your UnixWare 7 software, including print services, tape drives, kernel configuration, customization of system startup, and new filesystem technologies. You will leave this course with a solid grasp of the key principles behind your UnixWare 7 technology, helping you achieve the best possible performance from your business-critical operating system.

Course Length:

  5 days - Instructor Led
60 days - eLearning

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the basic hardware configuration of a system
  • Describe files and filesystems
  • Plan for a successful operating system installation
  • Install the UnixWare 7 software and troubleshoot the installation
  • Perform post-installation tasks, such as licensing software and creating emergency boot floppy disks
  • Manage system startup and shutdown
  • Add hard disks and configure filesystems
  • Install and manage serial ports
  • Install modems
  • Install and manage printers and print services
  • Install tape drives and CD-ROM drives
  • Control user and system processes
  • Tune systems for optimum performance
  • Prepare for disaster recovery


Students must have mastered the content of the following courses before attending this course:

  • 215 - Introduction to SCO Unix Systems
  • 245 - UnixWare 7 Administration I: User Services

Course Series:

255 - UnixWare 7 Administration II System Configuration, Maintenance, and Installation
335 - UnixWare 7 Networking Administration
610 - Shell Programming for System Administrators

Course Topics:

Basic Hardware Configuration

Files and Filesystems

Installation Planning

Operating System Installation

Post-Installation Administration

Managing System Startup and Shutdown

Filesystem Configuration and Disk Management

Installing and Managing Serial Ports

Installing Modems

Installing and Managing Printers

Installing Tape Drives and CD-ROMS

Controlling User and System Processes

Managing System Security

Performance Tuning

Disaster Recovery

Registration Information

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