241 - SCO OpenServer Release 5 Administration I: User Services

A firm grasp of the basic maintenance functions for your business-critical SCO OpenServer Release 5 environment is key to ensuring its smooth operation. Now you can master the day-to-day tasks that are necessary to keep your SCO OpenServer Release 5 system running at peak performance.

This first in a series of system administration courses covers the essential, routine maintenance activities that are associated with your SCO OpenServer Release 5 system. Designed for front-line system administrators and key operators, this course provides a solid foundation in a range of daily responsibilities, from managing user accounts to tracking print requests on pre-installed systems. Tasks presented in this course are performed predominately through the scoadmin menu interface.

You will finish this course with a comprehensive understanding of the first line duties associated with your UNIX system, including managing user process, maintaining filesystems, backing up data, managing printers, and performing system startups and shutdowns. Learning these essential components of system administration will help you minimize downtime and improve the overall productivity of your organization.

Course Length:

  3 days - Instructor-Led
60 days - eLearning

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Use the scoadmin (ADM) managers to administer SCO OpenServer Release 5 systems
  • Analyze user requirements and set system defaults for user accounts
  • Create and modify user accounts
  • Terminate processes running on the system
  • Mount and unmount a filesystem
  • Monitor free file space and directory usage
  • Transfer files to and from disks and tapes
  • Perform filesystem backups
  • Restore files
  • Restore an entire non-root filesystem
  • Manage printers and user print jobs


Students need to master the content of the following course before attending this course:

    210 - Introduction to UNIX Systems

Course Series

    241 - SCO OpenServer Release 5 Administration I: User Services
    242/3 - SCO OpenServer Release 5 Administration II: System Installation, Configuration, and Maintenance
    325 - SCO OpenServer Release 5 Network Administration
    610 - Shell Programming for System Administrators

Course Topics:

Using SCO Administration Tools

  • Using scoadmin (ADM)
  • Finding Answers in Documentation
  • Other Sources of Assistance
  • The Superuser Account

Administering User Accounts

  • Analyzing User Account Requirements
  • Creating, Removing, and Retiring User Accounts
  • Modifying Individual Accounts
  • Managing User Groups
  • Locking and Unlocking Accounts
  • Using Account Activity Reports
  • Troubleshooting User Accounts

Managing Processes

  • Describing a Process
  • Terminating Processes
  • Scheduling Jobs

Working with Filesystems

  • Filesystem Basics
  • Different Filesystem Information
  • Mounting and Unmounting a Filesystem
  • Repairing a Non-Root Filesystem
  • Monitoring Filesystems
  • Locating and Managing User Files
  • Managing System Log Files and Temporary Directories

Working with Disks and Tapes

  • Working with Floppy Disks
  • Working with Tape Drives
  • Transferring Data to Tape or Disk
  • Transferring Data to a DOS Disk

Filesystem Backups

  • Organizing and Maintaining
  • Filesystem Backups
  • Managing Backup Schedules
  • Backing up a Filesystem
  • Scheduling an Unattended Backup
  • Verifying a Filesystem Backup
  • Restoring Selected Files
  • Restoring a Non-Root Filesystem

Managing Printers

  • Managing the Print Service
  • Accepting and Rejecting Print Jobs
  • Disabling and Enabling Printers
  • Managing Print Jobs
  • Viewing and Changing Printer Settings
  • Troubleshooting Printer Problems

Stopping and Starting the System

  • Stopping SCO OpenServer Systems
  • Starting SCO OpenServer Systems
  • Switching Between System Modes

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