215 - Introduction to UNIX Systems

Introduction to UNIX Systems is designed for system administrators who are new to the UNIX operating system, and for end users who work with SCO UNIX Systems in business, scientific, engineering, or home work environments.

In this course, participants accomplish basic tasks such as creating, organizing, and removing files; using text editors; printing; and monitoring their processes. All tasks are completed through a command line interface.

Introduction to UNIX Systems provides a technical overview of SCO UNIX Systems through task-oriented lectures and hands-on labs. This introductory-level course provides pre-requisite skill training for the SCO OpenServer Release 5 and the UnixWare 7 System Administration courses.

Course Length:

  3 days - Instructor-Led
60 days - eLearning

Course Objectives:

  • Access a UNIX System in a safe and secure manner
  • Use the features of the UNIX Korn shell to enter system commands
  • Access the online manual pages to look up command syntax and option lists
  • Access files and directories
  • Organize home directories by creating and removing sub-directories, and copying and moving files
  • Maintain the security of files and directories by setting permissions
  • Create and modify text files
  • Use the print spooler to print text files
  • Use shell metacharacters to control command input and output, and combine commands using pipes and tees
  • Monitor processes and kill processes that do not terminate properly
  • Modify and configure login environments to accommodate their needs and preferences


No prerequisites required.

Course Series:

    215 - Introduction to UNIX Systems is prerequisite to:

    241 - SCO OpenServer 5 Administration I: User Services

    245 - UnixWare 7 Administration I: User Services

    246 - Open UNIX 8 Administration I: User Services

Course Topics:

Overview of SCO UNIX Systems

  • Computer Concepts and Terminology
  • Functions of an Operating System
  • Features of SCO OpenServer and UnixWare 7 Systems
  • Operating Systems Components

Accessing SCO UNIX Systems

  • System Security
  • User Interfaces
  • Using Commands

Files and Directories

  • The File and Directory System
  • Types of Files
  • Navigating Around the Filesystem
  • Managing Your Home Directory
  • Working with Files
  • Maintaining Security

Editing Text

  • Overview of Editors
  • Using viŠ
  • Setting Preferences
  • Checking Your Spelling


  • Printing
  • Printer Overview
  • Private versus Shared Printing
  • Printing Files
  • Preparing Files for Printing

Input and Output

  • Overview
  • File Redirection
  • Pipes, Tees, and Filters
  • Combining Commands

Process Control

  • Overview of Processes
  • The Lifecycle of a Process
  • Viewing Process Status
  • Process Control
  • Sending Signals
  • Easing the Load

The Shell Environment

  • Shell Review
  • Features of UNIX System Shells
  • The Shell Environment

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