UnixWare 7 and OpenServer 6 Sample HBA driver

The hbasample package contains the source code of a functional driver for the Distributed Processing Technology (DPT) Host Bus Adapter (HBA). This driver conforms to UnixWare DDI version 8 and SDI version 4. It also contains the graphical bldscript utility that is used to generate HBA floppy disks.

Version 7.1.0 of this package differs from previous versions in the following ways:

  • It includes a significantly improved build environment to build and package your HBA driver.

  • It includes a pass-thru fix where SDI_SEND was incorrectly used by the driver to send controller specific command. A new ioctl is now used to send controller specific commands to the driver.

  • A pass-thru fix where a block size of 512 bytes was hard coded in the driver. This prevented the pass-thru commands from being sent to devices which are configured with a block size other than 512.

  • A fix for a problem where the driver returned a valid inquiry strings for logical units (LUNs) at controllers SCSI ID. This problem caused sdiadd(1M) to add non-existing devices during hot-plug of SCSI devices.

  • The hbasample package is no longer installed by default with the HDK set; it must be explicitly selected for installation when you install the HDK set, or installed individually later from the CD.

For current information about the entire UnixWare/OpenServer Hardware Developers Kit (HDK) release, see the HDK Release Notes.

Note: Documentation references on this page link to the Product Documentation. They are also available on your local system when the BASEman, HDKdoc, and HDKman packages are installed.

System requirements

The hbasample package requires that the following UnixWare 7 or OpenServer 6 packages are installed on your system:

Advanced Commands

UDK Optimizing C Compilation System (included with the UDK)

Software Packaging Tools (included with the UDK)

The UnixWare/OpenServer Development Kit (UDK), with the uccs and usoftint packages selected, must be installed on your system before installing the hbasample package. See the UDK documentation for more information.

This package cannot be installed on OpenServer 5 systems. The O5hbasamp package contains sample drivers and tools for similar OpenServer 5 devices.


To install the package from:

downloaded files

  1. Log in as root.
  2. Download the package to an installation directory; for example, /tmp.
  3. Use the pkgadd(1M) command to install it by entering:
    pkgadd  -d  /tmp/hbasample

media distribution

  1. Log in as root.
  2. Insert the CD-ROM in the drive
  3. Use the pkgadd(1M) command to install it by entering:
    pkgadd  -d  cdrom1  hbasample

This will place the HBA sample driver files in the /usr/src/hdk/sdi directory.

For more information

More information concerning SDI drivers may be found in SDI storage driver development.

See also UnixWare 7 and OpenServer 6 HBA test suites for information about testing and debugging your driver.