UnixWare 7 documentation

This CD-ROM includes the entire UnixWare 7 documentation set, including the HDK documentation for UnixWare 7 and SCO OpenServer. This is a frames-based set of files that does not require an HTTP server. Using just a browser (Navigator 3.0 or higher), the files and links can be viewed directly from the mounted CD-ROM.

Once extracted, open the file INDEX.HTM to access the documentation set.

Please note:

  • Verity search is not available.

  • The SCOhelp Search, Print, and Manual Pages buttons are not available. However, all manual pages are presented by section from the top-level left frame.

  • This documentation set is a static snapshot. The latest online documentation is available at the Product Documentation site.

  • Some topics assume that the documentation set is installed on a system where other software and documentation is installed. Links from these topics may fail or not appear.