Hardware Developer Manual Pages

The HDKman package contains the HDK manual pages that describe the driver interfaces and test suites that are used to develop drivers for OpenServer Release 5 and UnixWare 7 Release 7.1.0 systems.

The HDK manual pages are enhanced from those of earlier releases of the UnixWare 7 HDK and the OpenServer AHDK. Note especially the following:

  • Manual pages are included for the UnixWare 7 PC-Card driver and Hot Plug Controller interfaces
  • Manual pages are included for the OpenServer test suites that are included in HDK 7.1
  • UnixWare 7 and OpenServer manual pages include compatibility information to support customers who are porting drivers or maintaining common source code for the two platforms.

For information about the entire UnixWare/OpenServer Hardware Development Kit (HDK) release, see the HDK Release Notes.

System requirements

This package has no installation dependencies for UnixWare 7 systems.

This package has the following dependency for OpenServer systems:

Must be installed on OpenServer systems using the custom utility before installing this package.

You should also install the following package before accessing the HDK manual pages, especially on UnixWare 7 systems:

Contains the UnixWare 7 runtime and UDK manual pages, including manpages for the DSP files and debugging utilities such as kdb and crash.

The Baseman package is not essential for OpenServer customers who are developing drivers only for OpenServer, but it is available to OpenServer customers on the UDK media.

We also recommend that the following documentation also be installed on your UnixWare 7 system:

UnixWare Documentation

UDK Documentation

UDK Man Package

Hardware Developer Documentation


To install the package from:

downloaded files

  1. Log in as root.
  2. Download the package to an installation directory; for example, /tmp.
  3. Use the pkgadd(1M) command to install it by entering:
    pkgadd  -d  /tmp/HDKman

media distribution

  1. Log in as root.
  2. Insert the CD-ROM in the drive.
  3. On OpenServer systems:
    • Create a cdrom directory if it does not already exist:
      mkdir  /cdrom
    • Mount the CD-ROM by typing:
      mount  -r  /dev/cd0  /cdrom
    • Use the pkgadd(ADM) command to install it by entering:
      pkgadd  -d  /cdrom/HDKman

    On UnixWare systems:
    • Use the pkgadd(1M) command to install it by entering:
      pkgadd  -d  cdrom1  HDKman


After installing the HDKman and HDKdoc packages on UnixWare 7 systems, run the config_search(1M) command to create the indexes that are used to search the ScoHelp documentation and for the man and apropos commands.

HDK manual pages can be read on UnixWare 7 systems using the man(1) command. If you wish to access them with the SCOhelp online documentation system, the scohelp package from the standard operating system media must be installed as well.

After the HDKman package is installed on OpenServer, you can access these manual pages through the hdkman, hdkapropos, and hdkwhatis commands.

If the udkman command (included as a separate package on the UDK media) is installed on your OpenServer system, it can also be used to access the HDK manual pages. hdkman gives ordering preference to the OpenServer driver interfaces whereas udkman gives ordering preference to the UnixWare 7 driver interfaces. You can access any HDK manual page through either the hdkman or udkman command by specifying the section, as in hdkman D3 kmem_alloc.

For more information

More information concerning HDK manual pages may be found in the Hardware and Driver Development Documentation.

Postscript versions of the HDK manpages can be downloaded for printing from the the HDK postscript documentation archive

This documentation set can also be read directly from the CD. To do this, mount the CD and use any frames-based browser on any operating system to access it. For example, if the CD is mounted on /cdrom, access it as:


Document version 7.1.0a
08 July 1999